Thursday, 31 January 2008

Achievements and goals already meet recently and my goals for this year and the future!

Right then this is the part of my blog that's only really relevant to me, I need this information written down

Things I have achieved recently;

Passing my PA course with distinction
Improving my typing skills
Keeping my bedroom tidy
Eating healthily
Walking further than usual everyday
Trying hard to get on with my mother
Not watching too much TV

My goals for the near future;

Improve my CV
Take my typing and audio typing exam
Sell more items on eBay
Join the gym and go at least twice a week!
To dance and sing more often
Pay off all my debts

Main goals for future

Travel around the world; see orangutans
To pass my degree and put it to good use
Have a child or children before the age of 30 (preferbably 28 or so)
Run and succeed in my own business
Buy a home...

Right then plenty to get started with and this blog will be my diary of day-to-day life and how I come about achieving these goals....

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