Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Aim to shift 10lbs by the end of March

OK so it looks like a big goal and averages out at 2.5lbs a week!

That means doing at least 45 mins aerobic exercise 5 times a week and 2 body pump classes. I am not going to make a timetable as I think it will make me stick to the plan less.

I am going to carry on with 20 points a day on WW - or average of 140 a week, so if I want to move some to another day then I can.

Mainly Wednesday and Sundays will be my day off, so that I can rest my muscles! Although I do plan to do some walking on these days to keep my fitness levels up!

I am going to start this plan on Monday 3rd March! Wish me luck!

Results will be recorded here!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So I have some new goals!

OK so my other new goals were:

Find a creative outlet and course to go with it
Keep on going to the gym
Stop drinking for the meantime

I have finally found that creative outlet and its called monster kids! Its with my mates and we will be meeting up weekly to work on whatever we need to work on. Not only does this provide a great reason to go every week but good input on what you are making or doing and good advice.

I went to the gym 4 times last week, to ab attack and body pump on Monday, and body pump and spinning on Friday. Granted I did not do as much aerobic exercise I would like - but at least I went!

I didn't stop drinking last week, and had a glass of wine on Tuesday night and a couple of glasses on Friday night, along with some whisky's and even a glass on Sunday! Not doing so well you say?

Well I am trying! I am going to Balham this evening and will not be drinking - as I plan to go to the gym in the morning to do body pump in the morning and after work to do group cycle.

Some things that I would also like to do this year are;

Run a 5km marathon
Do an extreme sport

Apparently a 5km marathon takes 8 weeks to train for, so if I sign up for one in September that gives me plenty of time, and I do plan to do it! I think I will start training in June!

As for an extreme sport I mean sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, or hang gliding. I think I will do hang gliding, it looks the easiest and most fun!!

Thats it for now - over and out!!


I seem to not be updating very often so here goes!

This weekend started on the 22nd February. Well really the 21st February, I went round to my friend Laurens house and we made monster teddy's - and I nearly finished my kitty. It was so cool and didn't take me as long as I thought it would! I also feel a big sense of achievement as I get the chance to do something creative and build up my portfolio.

Friday I had some friends round for dinner and cooked seafood spaghetti, and for pudding we all made our own mars bars wrapped in filo pastry and they were tasty! I then went to the railway for a drink and then to a mates in Balham until about 4am! A good time was had and I am glad I didn't get tooooo drunk!

On Saturday we went for breakfast at this cool American dinner type place where you can choose and cut your own bread and then toast it on your table. I had my bread with a lovely chicken and vegetable soup. I also bought some plastic boxes to store some stuff in for the cellar.

Saturday night we chilled out and watched Highlander, which I have never seen before, it was actually cool! And had bacon sarnies and an early night to prepare for Sunday.

Aaron and I got up at 6.30am on Sunday and made our way to Clapham Junction to go to Go Ape which I have to say was very fun and worth the scariness and money! And it helped me work towards my fitness goals, and gave me a sense of achievement.

I was achy on Monday and now its Tuesday and I am going for my induction at the gym this evening and then to Balham for drinks....

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Weekend 15th - 17th Feb

I haven't worked much towards my goals this weekend, but I have relaxed and had a good time.

I did bag up some old clothes and will be leaving them out tomorrow morning for help the aged, and put a wash in. That's about all I have done in the terms on tidying.

The article that I am writing about perfumes and chemical allergies, is becoming rather large but I am very pleased with it and glad that I have the ability to put passion into the things I believe in!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Guess who's back, back again

Katie's back, tell your friends...

I feel great, although a bit tired and achy going to the gym has done me a world of good.

I had a wonderful valentines last night, Aaron bought me some flowers and I even managed to go to the gym in the morning, which was a good thing as I had lovely ice cream for pudding!!

I started looking into Graphic Design courses, as I think this is what I would like to go into. I made Aaron's valentines card and thought, I really enjoy doing stuff like this, so obviously that is something creative I can get into.

This evening I am going to go to the gym and do a spinning class, and then get ready to go to El Rincon Latina on Clapham Manor Street, SW4. I love this place, and am looking forward to some tasty food.

Aaron will be working tomorrow, so if I am not to achy I plan to go to the gym before the afternoon and do some more research in the afternoon. Reading my Open Uni information has to now go at the top of my list, along with arranging a desk to study on!

Tidying my room is a must! I have already given an old bag of clothes to the Age Concern charity, and given myself more space in my drawers!

It looks although I have some new goals;

Find a creative outlet and course to go with it
Keep on going to the gym
Stop drinking for the meantime

A reminder of what I have achieved recently;

Improved my CV
Tidied my room and getting rid of my junk
Getting on better with my mum
Passing my exams
Joining the gym and I have been 3 times so far this week
Saving money by bringing in lunch, not drinking so much and not eating out so much

So far so good!

I am pleased I started this blog as it is great to see what you can achieve over a week, I feel proud!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I've been gone!

But now I am back.

I've got great news! I signed up to get free life coaching sessions and I got them!! WOOOO!!

This should help me work towards my goals, and help me figure out ways to help me work towards them.

I also went to the gym last Friday, went dancing on Saturday and saw my godaugher Willow on Sunday and went to the park in the lovely sunshine.

Monday morning I went and did yoga at the gym. I have bought lunch in everyday to work to save money and will be going to the gym this evening. I feel like I am achieving a lot.

I have decided that I need to do creative things in my life so I will be signing up to a short creative course.

In short this week seems to be good and I am very pleased with myself....I even went out for a meal last night and didn't have any alcohol!

Post soon...xx

Monday, 4 February 2008

What I did this weekend...

On Saturday I got up early and passed my exams! The certificate should be coming in the post in the next 2 weeks.

I didn't drink any alcohol, which I am very glad about - that means 8 days without drinking. I watched several films; Family Guy, Undead, Half Nelson, Thirteen, Cat Return oh and UltraViolet.

I went and had some toast in the place on Clapham High Street, where you can make your own toast and they have a really good selection of bread to choose from.

On Sunday we stayed in all day, relaxed and had Domino's pizza for lunch.

So I succeeded in passing my exams and getting a certificate. I made a plan for the courses that I want to take at the Open University and I set up my gym membership today.....

Thats a few that are being worked towards!

This evening I am going to help Aaron apply for this provisional driving licence, tidy my room a but more and do some yoga!

Wooooo.....feeling very positivex

Friday, 1 February 2008

This weekend......

I am going to start as I mean to go on with my to do list, so this evening I am going to call back Holmes Place and set up the rest of my gym membership, so I am all ready to start a class on Tuesday evening......!

At 10AM on Saturday morning I have my typing and audio typing exam. I think I will do fine so my first thing to do on Saturday is to travel up to St Paul's and get the exams out of the way...thats one striked off the list!

I also plan to set up a direct debit going into my new bank account with ICICI bank, they have got the best interest rate for a savings account and everything can be done online. I know online banking can be a pain as you seem to take money out it more often that you put it in, but hopefully that won't happen! This will help to go towards travelling and pretty things, thus going towards my life achievement award...he he

I need to organise all of my Open University files so that I can get prepared for my Open degree (probably in Environment and Ecology) which starts in May. I know it will be well in advance but I like being organised so I don't have to worry at the last minute -working towards my degree goals...

I would love to go to this gallery on Saturday, if I get the time. I LOVE this artwork, it's beautiful graffiti and I saw a bit of it in a put up gallery in Covent Garden once, if I could afford a print, I would buy one...

This would also be fun to see, especially if you have any younger people to entertain. Doubt I will get it all to fit in, a girl can dream...

On Sunday I hope to go for a walk down embankment, and possibly pop into the Tate Gallery as they have a new exhibition on, either way I am sure it will be fun as Embankment always is.

Maybe I'll even get a little bit of practice baby-making in too and even a bit of dancing in the afternoon........

And of course I hope to update this blog on Sunday evening.....