Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I seem to not be updating very often so here goes!

This weekend started on the 22nd February. Well really the 21st February, I went round to my friend Laurens house and we made monster teddy's - and I nearly finished my kitty. It was so cool and didn't take me as long as I thought it would! I also feel a big sense of achievement as I get the chance to do something creative and build up my portfolio.

Friday I had some friends round for dinner and cooked seafood spaghetti, and for pudding we all made our own mars bars wrapped in filo pastry and they were tasty! I then went to the railway for a drink and then to a mates in Balham until about 4am! A good time was had and I am glad I didn't get tooooo drunk!

On Saturday we went for breakfast at this cool American dinner type place where you can choose and cut your own bread and then toast it on your table. I had my bread with a lovely chicken and vegetable soup. I also bought some plastic boxes to store some stuff in for the cellar.

Saturday night we chilled out and watched Highlander, which I have never seen before, it was actually cool! And had bacon sarnies and an early night to prepare for Sunday.

Aaron and I got up at 6.30am on Sunday and made our way to Clapham Junction to go to Go Ape which I have to say was very fun and worth the scariness and money! And it helped me work towards my fitness goals, and gave me a sense of achievement.

I was achy on Monday and now its Tuesday and I am going for my induction at the gym this evening and then to Balham for drinks....

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