Monday, 10 March 2008

First meeting with life coach....


I had a good weekend this weekend! Woo. I watched flight of the con chords for the first time on Friday night, which oddly enough was playing in my gym (well the music from it was - very odd to be playing in the gym!) and then Leon brought it over to watch!

I went to RPM after work on Friday, and then Aaron meet me and we went to Sainsbury's and bought lovely meat, crisps, anchovies, nuts, bread etc and had a bit of a picnic at home which was fun.

It was an intention to go to the gym on Saturday morning, but alas I didn't go as I did have a bit of a headache so I basically stayed in bed after the Tesco shopping got delivered at 9AM. Then in the evening I then went to Brad and Hayley's to eat Mexican, drink cocktails and play Wii. It was fun and I didn't drink tooo much so I am very pleased with myself.

I got up around 11 on Saturday morning, did my washing and tidied my room. Martine the life coach came around at about 2.30 and we went through a lot of things, and made my first goal, Duh dah which is

To have a BMI (body mass index) of 25 by 15th September 2008.

I am looking forward to this goal and it means I would need to weigh around 9 stone 6 lbs. That means loosing 3 stone 1 lb, which works out at around 6lbs a month to loose. Which I hope is realistic! With this main goal in consideration I decided on 3 mini goals to concentrate on this week to get to my main goal;

to measure/weigh portions accordingly and count everything in for points
to go to the gym for at least 5 sessions this week
to drink alcohol in moderation

each of these actions have deadlines, support needed and rewards. As these are short time goals for the time being, the gym plan and alcohol will last for the week and then the weighing/portion size for two weeks.

The 15th September is a good date for me as this is when my father passed away. I think this should motivate me to be able to loose the weight as I feel it would make him proud for me to be looking after my health.

I've ordered some mini weighing scales (for food) on eBay today, and I will carry them around everywhere if I have to!

This evening I plan to make chicken noodle soup, and some other meals to freeze so that I have healthy homemade ready meals for lunch and dinner in the freezer!


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