Thursday, 13 March 2008

So Far so good....

OK, my goal is to have been to the gym 5 times this week....I have been twice so far - on Tuesday and I am going to 2 sessions this evening, and one tomorrow morning, and then I've done it!

I haven't been accurately weighing my food, although not always with weighing scales as I haven't been carrying them to work with me - which is where I eat most of my food. But I have been measuring in tablespoons, and teaspoons and cups.

Alcohol hasn't touched my lips once all week! Although I will be drinking on Friday night and smoking the free cigarettes that Leon gave me I hope to not get too pissed and actually see some of Manchester on Saturday and Sunday...

So, goal wise I am fine and I am feeling very happy with myself - especially as I get to reap the benefits of coming home early on Sunday to see Aaron, getting a pedicure next week and going for a nice coffee!

Looking forward to setting some new goals next week and having the bank holiday!

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