Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ello, ello, ello!

Well, well, well what have we got 'ere then....?

I've got a new job! Well subject to references, but yes, a new job! I am feeling very happy and proud about the new job and now I am looking for some nice suits and new clothes to go with it.

I am going to be a assistant PA for a investment company, close to Hyde Park. It's what I have been looking for and will be hard work, yet definitely worth it!!

I have also dramatically cut down on my alcohol in take and have only had 3 vodkas this whole weekend, and 5 last weekend! I am very proud and feeling great!

On 7th May I will be running the Cancer Research Race for Life in Battersea Park. I have been training for a week, although I missed my run today as I had a stomach bug yesterday. I will be making it up tomorrow, which means 4 running sessions in a week, I'm sure it is achievable.

I'm working towards and have even made some good goals, and I am only in the 4th month of the year. Surprisingly I don't even feel like I have achieved that much! LOL!

My new job and my open uni degree start in May, so I will be very busy. The challenge will be getting to the gym and being organised enough to eat healthily, or at all. I am looking forward t what's in the near future!


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