Thursday, 22 May 2008

I am in a new job!

I finally, finally have that "new job" I am now an assistant PA for Durrington Corporation, a small family investment company. I've nearly been here for 2 weeks, I am enjoying it lots and even enjoy the journey into work! So that's another "wish" ticked off my list!!

I also did the race for life for Cancer Research on the 7 of May - and achieved the 5 km in 38 minutes....yes that's just over 7 and a half minutes per km or 12 min per mile. I am very proud, and even more impressed with the £215 I managed to raise (not including tax savings of around £60!)

What else, what else.? I jumped on the scales at the gym on Tuesday, more slumped as I was expecting to have put weight on, but I actually have lost about 3 lbs, so I am very happy. I've been telling myself keep up the good work. I don't know what the good work was.

I have also started a degree with the Open University and handed in my first essay this Monday. God it was hard! Active reading and taking notes is definitely not in my brain any longer, and trying to pick it up again is hard. A big hooray for all adult learners, as it must be even harder for you (yes I am an adult, but have been in education recently!)

A quick overview of what I have achieved

A new position
Started a degree; handed in an essay
Ran a race; 12 minutes per mile
Lost weight!

I think I am going to recruit a personal trainer so I can shift some more weight this year.

Be back soon!!


Helen Smith said...

Congratulations. You've achieved a lot - taken on a lot, too, with the OU degree.

Well done xxx

Lauren Smith said...

Go kt, go kt, go!
Well done lovely! Keep up the good work xxx