Friday, 12 December 2008

Friday 12th December 2008.

Do you know how long it's been since I posted? Do you........erm an awful long time. Sorry about that. I've obviously let myself down..! The last time I posted was in May, that's er lets see 7 months ago! More than half a year. I must apologise to all my loyal fans who must have been literally dieing for an update..ha.

So I suppose I'd better start with a quick update. I am still working at Durrington, I passed my probationary period and got a further £2k increase in salary, which I am very happy with, and I hope to get another in May!

I've just been reading over my last blogs, and laughing so much. That's cheered me up, oh yes.

There's lots more to update on, Aaron (who was my boyfriend of 6 years) and I have split up. I feel sad and happy at the same time. It was me who did the splitting up and I immediately regretted it, but we both know for now (and maybe even forever) it is the right thing.

Not much seemed to happen over the summer, I was drunk and high most of the time, thus it passed by like a dream (as did my money.) I had a very good birthday party, went to Dour Festival in Europe somewhere (don't ask me, I just get confused between Brussels and Belgium), Bestival Festival on the Isle of White and on holiday to Italy. All in all possibly a very exciting summer, which I am glad to have photographed just for remembering purposes.

Right then, lets get up to speed now, I am currently living at my mums, I am single, working, still trying to loose weight and get fit and healthily and need to control my spending. I miserably failed at passing/doing my Open University course, because (although starting off very well and getting high marks) I ended up taking the wrong book on holiday to study and thus fucked it up royally, got very behind, made excuses and gave up, I must say in true Katie style.

And then all of a sudden here I was thinking, fuck I really have to get my shit together, what shall I do? I'll write myself some goals down for next week. Having completely forgot about this blog.

I must point out that since I started my this blog, and whilst not writing on it, I have successfully lost a stone and 1lb. How amazing, although I was aware of my weight, I was not aware that I had lost such a vast amount in 7 months.

I have also paid of the £8k loan that Egg stupidly lent me at the tender age of 18, and now only have 2 credit cards to pay off and a laptop loan (all 3 I am planning to pay of sharpish.)

Here I was thinking I hadn't achieved anything. Oh yes and I failed to mention that I have given up getting high and drinking. Wooohooo. Being sober for this long (nearly 8 weeks) is strange, but well worth it.

Here are my goals for next week....

Week starting 15/12/2008


Health – prize – a facial!!
· Loose 2lbs; eat healthily and do more exercise.
· Go to 3 exercise classes; Tues, Wed, Sat.
· Do yoga 3 times; Mon, Wed, Sun.
· Take more care of what I am eating; take lunch in and plan dinner.

Work – prize – good feedback!
· Leave the house an hour before I am due at work; go to bed by 23.00, wake up at 5.30 AM every day. Have clothes and bag organised.
· Take lunch in for 4 days; make on Sunday’s and freeze/refrigerate.
· Finish “important information” cover sheets.

Money – prize – a dress from eBay!
· Pay back mum all owed money; take out on Monday.
· Work out debts and a tackle plan; call up Abby, MBNA and HSC to see full amounts due. Get Aaron and me to commit to a direct debit plan.
· Stick to budgets for xmas; work out list.

Home – prize – something new for my room!
· Organise bedroom and clothes; throw out unwanted/used things, move pink chest next to window and remove chair, stack boxes. Put pink chest to good use.
· Get washing done; wash work clothes first, fun clothes 2nd and then leftovers!
· Organise clothes for work; wash, iron, hang and label days.

So, hopefully I will get around 80% or more of the above achieved, I really want to, and to be honest need to so that I can start feeling like I am achieving again.

I will also do a review of my long term goals and goals for next year (gosh, how exciting, eh?)


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Lauren Smith said...

ah lovely kt. well done on your achievements. don't be too hard on yourself though, you are doing really well. remember to emphasis your achievements as much as your goals. love u xxx