Monday, 15 December 2008

That Monday Feeling.

I no longer get that Monday feeling. I wonder why?

So, this weekend I had dinner with Aaron on Friday, saw my brother in the pub on Saturday afternoon, went shopping in central London with Aaron, then went to Jenny's new flat and then went home. Met Charlie for breakfast on Sunday morning, went to her office and dug through old clothes and found a my little pony pillow, went home, went to meet charlie at Balham Station, and then went to see Jenny again.

Then Charlie and I went back to her house, cooked and ate dinner (including oysters..! yum!) Dyed Charlies hair and made some hair cutting amendments on mine....What a weekend. And still no alcohol!! Wooo.

On Saturday morning I managed to tidy up my room and put 2 washes in, so that's two things ticked off my list. I haven't managed to label my work clothes, but I will have this sorted when I come back to work - so that's my home goals.

I did yoga on Monday evening and this morning, went to a exercise class last night. I won't be going to a class this evening, but tomorrow evening instead. I bought lunch on Monday at Yo Sushi, and have had home made lunches for the last two days, so I am slowly but surely reaching my goals...Well at least all my health goals, and my work goals.

My money goals still need improving, I haven't given any money to my mum yet, so I shall do this tomorrow after work, I also need to call Natwest and make some payments today. I think my the end of the week I will have achieved 80% or more, and that will be an achievement. Then I get my prizes!! :D

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