Thursday, 26 February 2009

Finally my supporting statement...

As a very active pro-environmentalist, the study of Biodiversity and Conservation appeals to me greatly. I would like to make a difference to the world and I believe by learning about the complex environment we live in and how to conserve this I will be helping. Ultimately I would like to run a company to promote and help people and/or businesses to conserve the environment along side or for the government.

I studied my A/S levels at Richmond upon Thames College; I did enjoy my courses, but not as much as I had hoped – I decided to stop studying and to further my independence and development through exploring work opportunities. I started full time work after completing a year’s study and have been working full time ever since! I don’t have any relevant study for biodiversity and conservation – but I have the maturity and desire to achieve outstanding results.

My interest in animals and plants started from a young age and I still enjoy learning facts about animals and plants via TV shows, the internet or books. I also consider myself lucky to have been inspired and taught many things by friends and family of which many have a keen interest in wildlife and the environment.

Ecology interests me and I am concerned to see how we can help improve the current environmental status. As previously mentioned I am an enthusiastic environmentalist, using natural cosmetic products where available, using energy efficient light bulbs and recycling as much as possible. I am very keen to conserve as much wildlife as possible and to work with the environment in harmony. I’m currently looking into doing some voluntary work with the Natural History Museum and the Wildlife Trust and know I will find a worthy voluntary position.

I am currently working in Westminster as an Office Assistant and 2nd Personal Assistant for a wealthy individual, this is my third full time job and I have been here for just under a year. I gained a distinction in a secretarial course run by Souters College so I could obtain this role and will soon complete a first aid course. I enjoy the ongoing small project management and the organisation skills needed for this role – which I feel would be very handy for use of time and deadlines for this course. I have greatly improved on my communication, reading and writing skills since coming into employment, which should help me with my studies – especially essay writing and communicating with the teachers and other students.

During my spare time I enjoy spending time on the common, exercising, riding my bike (which I have recently started riding to and from work) and researching on the internet, which can be anything from the latest eco gadget to political or celebrity news. I also enjoy eating out and cooking – food is another passion of mine. I have recently started to help a friend clear out her back garden so we can start growing our own vegetables and plants. I am keen to one day have poison dart frogs as pets within a tank that would be a self cleaning mini-ecosystem, and have keenly researched my options.

My friends and family are important to me and are a great support to my endeavours; I am a godmother to two already and think this shows my level of responsibility and maturity. I expect to get lots of support mentality and physically whilst studying part time and working full time.

I hope I have expressed fully my passion and desire to join the course and will be taken as a serious student.

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