Thursday, 26 February 2009

Goodmorning Miss

Good morning! Again I rode my bike to work this morning. On the way home last night I realised that my knee's are staring to hurt. I have looking at my bike and discussed with Tina, Nick and Aaron last night that I need to bring my seat up. The only problem with that is that then I will be further away from the ground, and less able to reach it....I think I might have to go to a bike shop on the weekend.

I have found several things good about biking; it takes less time to get to and from work, its free, its good for the environment and its good exercise. Oh yes and it makes me happy - there that's 5 reasons. Pretty good if you ask me. I burn 160 kcal per 30 mins on the bike which means I am burning 320 kcal just getting to and from work - a good amount to be burning and a good stretch of cardiovascular exercise.

When I woke up around 7 this morning (well at first it was 5.30 AM, but I didn't want to get up!) I tidied my room for 10 minutes, put a wash away and put a wash in - it didn't take very long and seems well worth the effort to be able to see the carpet! I do wonder how long I will keep it up for - hopefully for a long time and then I can get my froggies (poison arrow frogs as pets)!

I yet again forgot to get the money out for mum that I owe her - so I will get this out in my lunch break today, I gave her £50, I owe a further £60 and then owe some house keeping money.

I am going to write my supporting statement this afternoon so I'll be back... x

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