Friday, 20 February 2009

Hmmm, Monday feeling?

Talk about all week feeling!! I am up and down like a roller coaster. I have recently been "non-drinking" drinking which is when you are "not drinking" but end up drinking anyway. I have started to wonder how this can possibly be not drinking. Well I suppose it means that drinking has been cut down by 50% as I am not drinking every weekend, but still its not "not drinking." Alas I start again.

I will be going to my first official AA meeting next week - I did plan to go tonight but my next new venture of having a slight detox is starting to give me headaches and tiredness so I just want to sleep lots. I have tried to curb the headaches and tiredness (which I assume are from little sugar and caffeine) by having high juice which does have some sugar in, but obviously not enough to get rid of my headache. My slight detox basically means whilst not drinking I am also trying to be as healthy as I can be, which means eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible - and mainly just fruit and veg if possible. Today I made myself a fresh banana, blueberry and strawberry smoothie with a little soy milk and soaked oats for breakfast. It was yummy - I think next time I will add some water so it is not so thick and hard to drink from a water bottle (attractive).

Lunch was home made yellow split-pea and bacon soup, again, scrummy but next time I will water it down somewhat. Oh yes and did I mention I am trying not to have caffeine - which means no tea and/or coffee all day. No dairy either - this shouldn't be so hard as I am not too fond if it anyway and am allergic. So all in all that means an awful lot of not a lot. Its fine - I will be fine " I can live if living is without you...I can live.......I can live - well yes somewhat...." lol, how I make myself laugh. Writing this blog is managing to get rid of my headache. Or could that be the decaf tea I am drinking with agave nectar and rice milk...? The cheek of tea and coffee companies also - decaf isn't actually decaf - its just got as little caffeine as possible in. Liars! Still its a means to an ends, if I can cut down gradually and stick to 1 - 2 "decaf" teas a day and not have a headache all the time I will be thankful.

I have thought of a new way to loss weight and exercises and blah blah blah, but I have to get to work now. Seeing as I have deactivated my account on damned face book I think I'll give lots more of my time to this lost cause...ttfn.

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