Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday, Tuesday...Happy Days.

I slept a lot this weekend, and when I say a lot I mean a lot..I went to bed around 10 PM on Friday night and got up at 8.30 AM that's 10.5 hours sleep, I then slept a further 10 hours on Saturday night, so far 20.5 hours sleep, I then napped for 2.5 hours on Sunday - that's 23 hours sleep and then last night I slept from 10.30 PM - 6 AM that's 7.5 hours sleep so in total that makes 30.5 hours sleep over 3 days just over 10 hours on average per day/night. WOW. I think that's an awful lot of sleep - but it did do me good.

So here I am again, my 8th day clean and feeling calm, not very confident that I can keep it up and a bit fat too. I've put on 1.5 lb's this week - which is disappointing but last weekend I did eat 2 mint cornetto's and some I only have myself too blame, along with lack of exercise.

I have started taking 5-HTP tablets which are a pre-cursor for the making of serotonin in your brain and help with stress, anxiety, depression, over eating etc so I thought they would be perfect for me - they are also completely natural - they are made from ground up seeds of a plant.

Lets get back to a quick overview of the weekend - on Friday I came home and cooked pizza for dinner along with a big salad, it was very tasty, I then went to bed at 10. I woke up at 8.30 on Saturday and went to the fit for a princess class for 9 on Clapham Common, no one I usually see was there - so it was good to see some new people and to do some exercise. My legs are still aching and need to be stretched some more. I then went to Covent Garden with Aaron, we had lunch and he surprised me with a new necklace from Betsey Johnson, which he managed to buy as a surprise whilst I was in the shop!! We had lunch in a Greek place - I had vegetarian lasagna and Aaron had a meat one. I then met Oisin and Charlie on Clapham Common, and went to Strada for dinner, where I had a small salad starter thing and 2 parcels of mozzarella and spinach ravioli. It was very nice which I then finished off with a panetonne al forno which is a bread and butter pudding made from panetonne which had a toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream....yum. A couple of us went to the railway and then Leon and I walked home.

On Sunday I got up around 10, had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast and then fell asleep pretty much straight away again until 15.00. I spent many hours of spare time searching for a head torch and some wellies that belong to Ceri, but I can't find them and came to the conclusion that my dearest mother chucked them out (as they were sitting in the hall way for a long time).

Now, I then tried to go and get a Brazilian wax, but unfortunately I had "trimmed" my hair to short and was unable to get that we happen next week I suppose. I had Sunday takeaway thanks to Aaron which was Nepalese food, it was very very tasty and there was enough left for me to have lunch today. I rode my bike more than usual this weekend, which I think is also adding to my leg aches (which I am trying to think of as good).

I have successfully cut down on my tea and coffee and am drinking decaf versions instead, and instead of sugar I am having Agave nectar which has a GI of 11 - 20 which is much lower than sugar/glucose of 50+. Which means really I am having no stimulants and lots of relaxation/sleep and 5-HTP's (100 mg every night before bed) and in turn I am feeling rather calm and not craving attention or sugar/stimulants like I usually do. It's nice and weird at the same time.

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