Wednesday, 25 February 2009

She hits, she scores, she goals...


Health/Me – prize – a facial!!
  • Loose 2lbs
  • Go to 2 exercise classes; Thu and Sat.
  • Do yoga 3 times; Wed, Fri, Sun.
  • Take more care of what I am eating; take lunch in and plan dinner.
  • Apply for university course and funding.

Work - prize - good for my CV/work ethic
  • Leave the house an hour before I am due at work; go to bed by 23.00, wake up at 5.30 AM every day.
  • Have clothes and bag organised.

Money - prize - saving money later in life!
  • Pay back mum all owed money.
  • Pay MBNA extra money to get rid of debt quicker.
  • Call Abbey and cancel direct debit.
  • Set up standing orders with Natwest to pay MBNA and Abbey next month.
  • Claim "card insurence" from MBNA and Abbey where possible.

Home - prize - piece of mind and less nagging from Mum!!
  • Chuck out old cables under bed.
  • Go through old clothes and give to charity/have boot sale?
  • Hoover/clean bedroom.
  • Get rid of "bits & bobs" on the sides etc...find a permanent home for these.
  • Keep on top of washing and ironing.

Things I have achieved recently:
  • riding my bike too and from work; it is good for the environment, healthy and saves money.
  • Paid off full loan for laptop!!
  • Eating healthily - making an effort to make healthy veg juices and breakfasts.
  • Making the switch to non-caffeine.
  • Using natural deodorant, body wash and toothpaste without SLS and parabens - good for the environment and me!!
  • Having 9 clean days and relapsing only 4 times over the last 18 weeks.
  • Waking up earlier during the week and staying up.
  • I tidied my room this morning!!


  • Be a better friend and partner; by better I mean to treat everyone how I would like to be treated, not loose my temper and not talk down to people.
  • All debts to be paid by end of May 2009.
  • Keep room tidy by dedicating 15 mins a day to upkeeping and 50 mins once a week for a "big tidy".
  • Keep healthy by eating low saturated fat food, keeping treats to a minimum and eating lots of fruit and veg.
  • Keep fit by carrying on my cycling to work and attending more classes.
  • Make more swaps where possible regarding environment and me friendly cosmetics/products.
  • Learn how to make my own clothes.
  • Get weekly time to dedicate to studying.

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