Wednesday, 25 February 2009

wednesday wishlist

today today today today today. today is wed nes day.

I rode my bike home yesterday and then to Balham and back. I meet my friend Massi who I met at Plaza where I used to work. We dined in The Paddyfields, which seem to have had good reviews in the past but for me, didn't live up to them, firstly the staff where too pushy and not polite. Secondly the food was an average price but the quality and portion sizes where not as you would expect, I had laksa soup, which wasn't lacking in the size of the bowl and the amount of broth - but was lacking in the amount of vegetables and noodles. The stairs down to the toilet are ridiculous.

I then rode my bike to Leon's house, where Leon and Aaron where painting Leon's bedroom. We watched the latest Flights of the Conchords episode and then went home. I had a row with my mum when we got back in - she was annoyed that Aaron had borrowed ONE pair of socks and so proceeded to go through my room and collect all my odd socks and wash them, which you would think of as nice. But no it's not; firstly Aaron usually uses all the socks and I wish he would pair them up so they could be washed and then wonderfully brought back together - but he rarely does. Secondly I really hate my mother going in my room, she just invades my privacy without asking or thinking, we have discussed this many times and much to my dismay she still doesn't get the message.

It feels like for me the more and more she goes in my room and makes comments about it not being tidy - the more and more I just don't feel like tidying it, it makes me feel deflated and my feelings unappreciated. Its obviously one of the stubborn aspects of my personality, but I really feel like I would feel more secure if I didn't think someone was going through my bedroom every morning. I think my mum has a obsessive compulsive disorder about cleaning, and that's made me - well - avoid it.

This morning I come into work on my bike and it took my about half and hour, and the chain didn't come off - YAY!! I am definitely going to take the bike shop some nice treats. My legs are still a bit achy today so I didn't go to a class this morning, I plan to go tomorrow and Saturday morning.

I am going to put my to do list and re-evaluate my goals today so watch out for more....

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