Thursday, 26 March 2009

Friday Now.

I had a lovely dinner on Wednesday night, I had chicken tagine with vegetables, couscous and for starters Aaron and I shared the mixed platter. We even had pudding!! Bombed chocolate ice cream, which is basically chocolate ice cream with a fondant centre, covered a shell of milk chocolate then dusted with icing sugar and chocolate sauce. Last but not least we finished the meal with mint tea.

We didn't end up going to see the film as we had a leisurely dinner, afterwards we had a quick drink with Oisin in the railway and got a taxi home.

Yesterday I had to be in work at 8 am - as this morning!! I went to Helen's last night and had a great catch-up. Jack even cooked dinner, which was tasty burgers with salad. YUM!

I have had a nice day at work today - although tiring. I feel a lot more relaxed after lunch and am looking forward to a drink free weekend. By the way don't forget the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday!

What about the silly thing below - apparently I look 80% like a man, can you f-ing believe it? Its my silly large manly jaw. Although all of the women I am similar to are hot so that's OK.

The lady I work with has a compulsive shopping habit when she gets stressed. I wish I was on the same salary so I could have the same excuse, some day soon - I will be! A post soon will be about work mates, farting in work etc etc. I will start working on it soon - promise.

I took a scan today, I rather like the flamingo's that you can see from my top, but otherwise it looks a bit like a zombie victim running away (or maybe a sucker fish stuck on the side of a tank?!?!), which all in all is OK for me - but not really the look I was going for.

I have been reading up on loosing weight today and have made some great discoveries; loosing weight is scientific, loosing weight takes effort and commitment. Basically I need to commit to myself. If I commit to myself fully fledged and eat healthily for the rest of my life and have sweet treats and things like cheese not to often I should be OK.

My first goal is to loose 10 lbs and counting (so hopefully more) by the end of April - watch out for updates.

Ultimately I would LOVE a figure like Scarlett Johansson - she has 34C bra size is 5'4" and weighs 115 lbs - around 8 stone 2 lbs. Well really I can only wish for now. I will aim for my first target weight and see how I go from there.

I have ordered some new "magic" underwear for work which is arriving on Saturday - so that's one thing to cross of my list.

Lets see how many things I can achieve this weekend....x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I remember once, when I was small (probably around 5 or 6) my great grandma, god rest her soul and my grandma arguing about how you spell Wednesday, all because I asked. Turned out I can't remember who was right, but at least I now know how to spell it.

This evening I will be going to see the watchmen with Aaron, after we have gone for a Moroccan meal at the Kazbar on Venn St (same street as the cinema). I am hoping to have a nice relaxing, yet fun time, although not too sure what to expect from the film as I am not familiar with the comic book like Aaron is.

I think its high tide to write some more goals: (wow - I just looked at my last goals and I have hardly achieved any of them...!!)

I did:

  • Chuck out and sort cables/drawer under my bed.
  • Get Richard to look at my bike - although this needs looking at again (he made the saddle higher).
  • Paid Mum £150.
  • Planned exercise (but haven't done any...)
  • Been getting into work early/on time!
  • Did some ironing and have been keeping on top of washing.
I also upped my HTP 5 intake to 200 mg and it seems to be doing the trick. I am not feeling so low in the morning, and seem to be obsessing less.

New Goals:
  • Get back red light and basket for bike.
  • Attend Saturday class and rest of month as planned; make a decision as to whether I should pay for another term or not.
  • Ride my bike to work and back at least 3 times a week (good exercise)
  • Carry on writing down my food and exercise.
  • Clean up "bits" in my room.
  • Keep on top of washing and ironing...(maybe do all ironing on a Saturday morning so that I don't have to do it during the week.)
  • Plan a months food for lunch/dinner with Candida free food in mind.
  • Read the rest of current book The Diversity of Life by 5 April.
  • Have one day a week to have a bath/do nails/face mask - I think Mondays are best.
  • Get a hair cut.
  • Go and get waxed!!
  • Buy some "magic" underwear for under work clothes etc.
That seems to be enough to be getting on with for now - I think I will give myself until next Saturday 4 April to achieve them (apart from the book mind.)

I took a photo of what I ate for lunch today:

Yum, tasty goodness! I had homemade vegetable, lentil and chicken soup, spinach salad, half a red pepper and 3 ryvita (I only ate 1 though).

This Sunday I am going to do some volunteering, which I will update about shortly.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesday 24 March

Well, I think I have been doing rather well with writing my blog often and stuff.

I got up to a lot this weekend, I managed to go to both birthday parties and still get up for work yesterday!!

Here's a picture of me dressed as Deva, overall I was very happy with my costume and mask, I would say I was in the top 3!! On Saturday I was very tired as I got in at 5 am from a long Friday night of FUN FUN FUN, first I meet Charlie at my house, we cycled to Clapham North and went for Tapas. We then went to Beirodrome with Leon, Aaron, James, Craig, Callum and so on. I then cycled with Charlie to Ceri's house then at around 3 am we all walked to Leons.

Richard took Aaron and I for Nando's on Saturday afternoon, I was very hungry and ate loads and loads. We then went to some shops to get supplies to make Deva mask and mothers day gifts (which we ended up getting from Lidl's - a orchid and potted rose plant!)

Deva's party was a great success, many people came in fancy dress and everyone seemed to have a good time. I left with Richard at around 3 am - we decided to get £1 pizza's on the way home and walked.

Sunday was restful, I got up around 11, had breakfast in the garden and then went to Tesco's to buy a chicken and other bits. I cooked roast dinner which was scrummy with mashed carrots and turnip, broccoli and roast potatoes. It was then to bed early for an early rise on Monday.

A very busy weekend, with not much time to myself.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday 19 March

I catch myself wishing that I was doing what other people seem to be doing all the time; relaxing, going travelling or on holiday, loosing weight or getting fit, having wonderful clothes, a job they love, being creative...

OK so being creative is the main one for me at the moment, but looking back at my blog, I haven't done that badly - the photos of Charlie in Hyde Park are rather pretty and the scans I have done seem artistic. Maybe I am being creative, just not completely in the way I would like to. I want to make a cloud out of white felt with closed eyes and a smiley mouth.

Thinking about it, how am I going to fit both being creative/making things and conservation education into one job? Or will I have be a superwoman and do two jobs? I suppose thinking of cunning ways to get or maybe even trick people into environmental conservation could be a rather creative aspect to overcome. Only time will tell I suppose.

Now that's got me thinking if I should create a blog with things I have seen and find interesting, such as the "tooth" and "dentist" and the transvestite that was featured on my other blog? Or maybe I should have just put the kiwi's on that blog? Decisions, decisions, I suppose I could change the name of the other blog couldn't I? What Katie did next or something, that could make a comical title.....let's see...its a choice between What Katy Did or What Katy Did Next or something else of course. Adventures in Katieland. Kate and Tea? Well I do like tea (even though its decaf) and its pun on cake and tea. Or how about afternoon katie.

Afternoon Katie!
A short but sweet (or sometimes not so short) look into what Katie sees, thinks and does at various points throughout her day/week/life. Yep sounds good. So this would include things I make (like the daily scan) photos I take, general rants and so on.

I think I'll rename this blog something more interesting, along the lines of Katie Wants. Sounds like me and sounds good and catchy - which will basically have my goals and updates, although I expect not as often as the Afternoon Katie! Also this will be a good place for me to put such things as I want to make a cloud (idea above) and then on the Afternoon Katie I will show the finished product.

Onto execution....

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Its been a while....

Loyal fans you await a new post no longer. It will be short but sweet. I lost 2 lbs this week which was made me happy to find out and I haven't done much else....

I took this photo of a "tooth" and a "dentist" outside Clapham Junction train station advertising NHS dentists. Actually I first saw them last Thursday and laughed at their half-hearted attempts of trying to flog the leaflets (which reminded me of me and, well practically any other friend if we did the same thing.) As soon as I walked past them I wished I had taken a photo, and vowed that if I saw them again that's what I would do. Well I saw them again. The funny thing is was they were both kiwi's (forgive me if I am incorrect) and with the same dreary voices were standing opposite each other waving the flyer's about, in a dare I say it "flight of the conchords" fashion.

The "dental surgeon" didn't even blink and eye when I asked if I could take a photo he hurried along to stand next to the "tooth" and stood there until I was happy. Great! "Tooth" was sweet and said "I don't even know why I am smiling you can't even see my face!" after having just said to the "dentist" "is it done?" Well yes it was done, I showed them the photo which both of them deemed as not bad and I was on my merry way. Not bad for a iPhone photo even if I do say so myself.

This evening I am taking my dearest mother and grandmother for a early mother's day dinner in a Sushi restaurant in Clapham Junction. I can't wait. I will update tomorrow.


Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Thursday I thought was Friday...yes while im young yes i wanna have some fun!

Yes, last night I was sitting at home thinking "tomorrow IS Friday." How wrong was I? You know the funniest thing is that my colleague said the same thing, and that got me thinking (and not for the first time) that isn't it weird when you "feel" like a day is going slowly or faster than usual, or you mix up your days, more often than not, someone else will agree that they feel the same way - now that can't just be a coincidence - can it? Further investigation required.

Anyway this song has just popped into my head so I thought I would share the lyrics:

Here I Come; Barrington Levy - you can listen to it here

On the intercom, rosie tell me to come
cause shi didnt hav a daughta
cause shi did hav a son
shi seh di lift doesnt run
run up the stairs and come
and if u dnt come quick
you not gonna see your son
so i grab a bunch of rose
and i started to run
here i come ( oohh )

two months later she said come and get your son
cause i dnt want your baby to come tie me down
because you are old
and i am young
yes while im young yes i wanna have some fun
run me down
shudlee boop deee woodlee diddlee oooooooooh, zeen

im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway
yes im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway

When you go to poking what is like a stage show
you have man that sling, DJ, and broad...
pull it down the radio......(ohhhh zeen)

On the intercom, rosie tell me to come
cause shi didnt hav a daughta
cause shi did hav a son
shi seh di lif doesnt run
run up the stairs and come
and if u dnt come quick
you not gonna see your son
so i grab a bunch of rose
and i started to run
here i come ( oohh )

two months later she said come and get your son
cause i dnt want your baby to come tie me down
because you are old
and i am young
yes while im young yes i wanna have some fun
run me down
shudlee boop deeeee woodlee diddlee oooooooooh, zeen

extra size, extra size, extra sizer than sizeway
extra broad, extra broad, extra broader than broadway

On the intercom, rosie tell me to come
cause shi didnt hav a daughta
cause shi did hav a son
here i come ( oohh )

Cause im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway
yes im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway
Over the ocean and over the sea, all of the girls dem are pose for me (ohhhh wheee)

On the intercom, rosie tell me to come
cause shi didnt hav a daughta
cause shi did hav a son
shi seh di lif doesnt run
run up the stairs and come
and if u dnt come quick
you not gonna see your son
so i grab a bunch of rose
and i started to run
here i come ( oohh )

two months later she said come and get your son
cause i dnt want your baby to come tie me down
because you are old
and i am young
yes while im young yes i wanna have some fun
run me down
shudlee boop boo woodlee diddlee oooooooooh, zeen

Cause im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway
yes im broad, im broad, im broader than broadway

I think I'll have this song in my head all day. Many a time I have sung along to this song, but the only lyric that really struck me was apart from the obvious and repeated (broader than broadway) was because you are old...while I am young I wanna have some fun, which overall makes the song very cheerie and has made me think that yes I should be having fun whilst I am young.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday 11 March

Hello bunnies. Its been a while since I last posted, that's because I had last Wednesday and Friday off work and Thursday I didn't have enough time to write (or at least I don't think I did).

Some scans that I took today above....from bottom to top are the correct order...I don't know why this programme rearranged them! I like them, I just thought of the phrase randomly and then put it on a sticky note with permanent ink drew around it like a speech bubble cut it out and hey presto.

The first one is funny (the bottom one) as the scan started without me being fully prepared so it is not as posed as the last one of my face. The second one was more of a test, the third one was done in colour and very large so I could play around with it more and is obviously more thought out than any of the others, and well the last is just me playing about in paint with the hand scan.

I think I could do some interesting scans with the hands - like piggy jokes and so on. This could become very interesting who knows I may even end up publishing a book "year of scans" or something.

Apart from scanning, my life hasn't been very prolific recently but it has been satisfactory. I ended up drinking at Jen's 24 Birthday in her new flat (which is lovely) in Tooting, and I did deeply regret it, but I don't want to hold on to that regret for too long. I really need to go to AA so plan to go on Friday or Saturday or maybe even Sunday this week. 12 steps here I come.

Aaron and I were very up and down on the weekend but seem to be doing fine now. I think we need to spend some more time alone - we have been spending an awful lot of time together recently. The only thing I then worry about is that Aaron will spend all the money.

OK then so things I have achieved recently
  • Set up standing orders to pay of credit cards for Abbey and MBNA! YAY!
  • Cancelled Abbey direct debit.
  • I have been keeping on top of my washing a bit - but not my ironing.
  • Applied for the University - I got an interview for the degree! Which means my place is basically guaranteed!
  • I can't as of yet apply for funding until my place is confirmed, and it doesn't open until August 2009 anyway - but I have downloaded the forms.
  • My room has been rather tidy recently - yes - you can see the floor!
Right this leaves me with some more to achieve, not to mention that fact that I put 3 lbs back on last Monday of the 3.5 lbs that I lost! I haven't really done any exercise and I haven't really done much else on the list. I have some free time this afternoon and this evening I endeavour to:
  • Write letters claiming back money to banks/credit cards.
  • Chuck out/check old cables under the bed.
  • Do some washing and ironing this evening.
  • Get Richard to come round and look at my bike (I have already emailed him).
  • Plan two months of exercise/eating.
  • Carry on writing down my eating and exercise (from now on I will call this EEdiary).
Tomorrow (once my cheque has cleared also wooohooo) I will:
  • Pay mum owed money.
  • Buy a bike basket and mask for the fumes on the way to work.
  • Get some cuff links for my lovely new TM Lewin shirts that I managed to pick up for a bargain in the sale.
  • Go to morning exercise class (I must, I will, I must, I will!!)
  • Clean up "bits" in my room and give them permanent "homes". As my mother says "everything has it's place."
That seems to be enough to be getting on with for now!

I think I am going to up my HTP medication to 200mg and see what happens, I am feeling the affect now, but would like to not feel as on edge all the time and think this is due to the dosage.

Right then, that's all folks (I mean for now - obviously). x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday 3 March

Its March! March came around very quickly. Just yesterday seemed to be the first few days of January after Christmas and now we're nearly 1/4 through the year!

My picture for today ( I know I don't have a picture everyday, but heyho) is this one which was taken by Tom Brajerski when we couldn't get into Cargo yet everyone else we went with did. We ended up in a very modern, cosy bar just down the road and between us we got a punch which was in a gramophone - rather cool. The toilets were very cool and covered in old school tapes from ceiling to floor (but I didn't take a photo of that).

Today I am feeling very tired, Aaron turned up at my house at around 3 am after going for drinks with Sam and his Uni friends. I didn't get home till 1 am - so I didn't really feel confident that I would have a refreshing sleep.

Update on goals

I lost 3.5 lbs this week - and plan to keep it off!

I haven't done any yoga yet - but did have a hectic weekend.

I went to Thursdays exercise class.

I did keep my bedroom tidy over last week, but let it slip at the weekend, so I am going to tidy up this evening.

I haven't paid mum yet or called the bank....hmmmm I need to get on top of these goals.

I have a day off tomorrow, so I think I'll chuck out some old clothes and call the bank, and do some yoga, along with a class.... ttfn x

Monday, 2 March 2009

Last Friday of February....

OK, so last Friday was the last Friday was February - as the title suggests. Charlie came to meet me for lunch (we had Yo! Sushi) and then we went and looked at all the designer clothes in Harvey Nics - it made me wish I was rich.

We then came back to my office to do some work (Charlie even did some work for me too!). I took the time out to go and have a short walk with Charlie in Hyde Park before she went home on the 137, I took some wonderful pictures.

Surprisingly these were taken on my iPhone which doesn't have a zoom lens or anything. I have enhanced the colour slightly, but just on windows picture editor (which isn't that good.) Work finished at 7 - I ended up having to stay late due to a big file that I forgot I had to complete, but I got it done in the end!

Aaron, Deva and Oisin where in the BBC in Balham, so I got on two buses to go and meet them. I then decided that I wanted to go to Braindrop in Kings Cross. I wore my bright red fifties dress and had a rather good time.

Saturday was my mum's 60th Birthday party, which I had to attend after only getting a short 4 hours sleep on Saturday morning. I had a great time dancing to 60's music with all the grown-ups. My brother was there along with his dad and the rest of my family - so it was nice to see everybody.

Paige had Bacardi Breezers for the first time and was a little drunk, it was funny. Paige stayed at mine on Saturday night and we went for lunch with my brother, my sister in law, her son (who would be my???) his girlfriend, my mum, Nicky my godfather and our lodger Tina. We went to Mezzano's in Clapham Junction. I don't think I would go back again - it seems to be a chain Italian restaurant, and although the food wasn't terrible I would rather go to the local Italian's.

Paige and I went to Superdrug and a charity shop after lunch and I got a really cool fifties style silk skirt with pink flowers all over it. Then I just relaxed for the rest of the day and ate some lentil soup for dinner.