Thursday, 26 March 2009

Friday Now.

I had a lovely dinner on Wednesday night, I had chicken tagine with vegetables, couscous and for starters Aaron and I shared the mixed platter. We even had pudding!! Bombed chocolate ice cream, which is basically chocolate ice cream with a fondant centre, covered a shell of milk chocolate then dusted with icing sugar and chocolate sauce. Last but not least we finished the meal with mint tea.

We didn't end up going to see the film as we had a leisurely dinner, afterwards we had a quick drink with Oisin in the railway and got a taxi home.

Yesterday I had to be in work at 8 am - as this morning!! I went to Helen's last night and had a great catch-up. Jack even cooked dinner, which was tasty burgers with salad. YUM!

I have had a nice day at work today - although tiring. I feel a lot more relaxed after lunch and am looking forward to a drink free weekend. By the way don't forget the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday!

What about the silly thing below - apparently I look 80% like a man, can you f-ing believe it? Its my silly large manly jaw. Although all of the women I am similar to are hot so that's OK.

The lady I work with has a compulsive shopping habit when she gets stressed. I wish I was on the same salary so I could have the same excuse, some day soon - I will be! A post soon will be about work mates, farting in work etc etc. I will start working on it soon - promise.

I took a scan today, I rather like the flamingo's that you can see from my top, but otherwise it looks a bit like a zombie victim running away (or maybe a sucker fish stuck on the side of a tank?!?!), which all in all is OK for me - but not really the look I was going for.

I have been reading up on loosing weight today and have made some great discoveries; loosing weight is scientific, loosing weight takes effort and commitment. Basically I need to commit to myself. If I commit to myself fully fledged and eat healthily for the rest of my life and have sweet treats and things like cheese not to often I should be OK.

My first goal is to loose 10 lbs and counting (so hopefully more) by the end of April - watch out for updates.

Ultimately I would LOVE a figure like Scarlett Johansson - she has 34C bra size is 5'4" and weighs 115 lbs - around 8 stone 2 lbs. Well really I can only wish for now. I will aim for my first target weight and see how I go from there.

I have ordered some new "magic" underwear for work which is arriving on Saturday - so that's one thing to cross of my list.

Lets see how many things I can achieve this weekend....x

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