Monday, 2 March 2009

Last Friday of February....

OK, so last Friday was the last Friday was February - as the title suggests. Charlie came to meet me for lunch (we had Yo! Sushi) and then we went and looked at all the designer clothes in Harvey Nics - it made me wish I was rich.

We then came back to my office to do some work (Charlie even did some work for me too!). I took the time out to go and have a short walk with Charlie in Hyde Park before she went home on the 137, I took some wonderful pictures.

Surprisingly these were taken on my iPhone which doesn't have a zoom lens or anything. I have enhanced the colour slightly, but just on windows picture editor (which isn't that good.) Work finished at 7 - I ended up having to stay late due to a big file that I forgot I had to complete, but I got it done in the end!

Aaron, Deva and Oisin where in the BBC in Balham, so I got on two buses to go and meet them. I then decided that I wanted to go to Braindrop in Kings Cross. I wore my bright red fifties dress and had a rather good time.

Saturday was my mum's 60th Birthday party, which I had to attend after only getting a short 4 hours sleep on Saturday morning. I had a great time dancing to 60's music with all the grown-ups. My brother was there along with his dad and the rest of my family - so it was nice to see everybody.

Paige had Bacardi Breezers for the first time and was a little drunk, it was funny. Paige stayed at mine on Saturday night and we went for lunch with my brother, my sister in law, her son (who would be my???) his girlfriend, my mum, Nicky my godfather and our lodger Tina. We went to Mezzano's in Clapham Junction. I don't think I would go back again - it seems to be a chain Italian restaurant, and although the food wasn't terrible I would rather go to the local Italian's.

Paige and I went to Superdrug and a charity shop after lunch and I got a really cool fifties style silk skirt with pink flowers all over it. Then I just relaxed for the rest of the day and ate some lentil soup for dinner.


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