Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday 19 March

I catch myself wishing that I was doing what other people seem to be doing all the time; relaxing, going travelling or on holiday, loosing weight or getting fit, having wonderful clothes, a job they love, being creative...

OK so being creative is the main one for me at the moment, but looking back at my blog, I haven't done that badly - the photos of Charlie in Hyde Park are rather pretty and the scans I have done seem artistic. Maybe I am being creative, just not completely in the way I would like to. I want to make a cloud out of white felt with closed eyes and a smiley mouth.

Thinking about it, how am I going to fit both being creative/making things and conservation education into one job? Or will I have be a superwoman and do two jobs? I suppose thinking of cunning ways to get or maybe even trick people into environmental conservation could be a rather creative aspect to overcome. Only time will tell I suppose.

Now that's got me thinking if I should create a blog with things I have seen and find interesting, such as the "tooth" and "dentist" and the transvestite that was featured on my other blog? Or maybe I should have just put the kiwi's on that blog? Decisions, decisions, I suppose I could change the name of the other blog couldn't I? What Katie did next or something, that could make a comical title.....let's see...its a choice between What Katy Did or What Katy Did Next or something else of course. Adventures in Katieland. Kate and Tea? Well I do like tea (even though its decaf) and its pun on cake and tea. Or how about afternoon katie.

Afternoon Katie!
A short but sweet (or sometimes not so short) look into what Katie sees, thinks and does at various points throughout her day/week/life. Yep sounds good. So this would include things I make (like the daily scan) photos I take, general rants and so on.

I think I'll rename this blog something more interesting, along the lines of Katie Wants. Sounds like me and sounds good and catchy - which will basically have my goals and updates, although I expect not as often as the Afternoon Katie! Also this will be a good place for me to put such things as I want to make a cloud (idea above) and then on the Afternoon Katie I will show the finished product.

Onto execution....

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