Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday 3 March

Its March! March came around very quickly. Just yesterday seemed to be the first few days of January after Christmas and now we're nearly 1/4 through the year!

My picture for today ( I know I don't have a picture everyday, but heyho) is this one which was taken by Tom Brajerski when we couldn't get into Cargo yet everyone else we went with did. We ended up in a very modern, cosy bar just down the road and between us we got a punch which was in a gramophone - rather cool. The toilets were very cool and covered in old school tapes from ceiling to floor (but I didn't take a photo of that).

Today I am feeling very tired, Aaron turned up at my house at around 3 am after going for drinks with Sam and his Uni friends. I didn't get home till 1 am - so I didn't really feel confident that I would have a refreshing sleep.

Update on goals

I lost 3.5 lbs this week - and plan to keep it off!

I haven't done any yoga yet - but did have a hectic weekend.

I went to Thursdays exercise class.

I did keep my bedroom tidy over last week, but let it slip at the weekend, so I am going to tidy up this evening.

I haven't paid mum yet or called the bank....hmmmm I need to get on top of these goals.

I have a day off tomorrow, so I think I'll chuck out some old clothes and call the bank, and do some yoga, along with a class.... ttfn x

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