Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday 11 March

Hello bunnies. Its been a while since I last posted, that's because I had last Wednesday and Friday off work and Thursday I didn't have enough time to write (or at least I don't think I did).

Some scans that I took today above....from bottom to top are the correct order...I don't know why this programme rearranged them! I like them, I just thought of the phrase randomly and then put it on a sticky note with permanent ink drew around it like a speech bubble cut it out and hey presto.

The first one is funny (the bottom one) as the scan started without me being fully prepared so it is not as posed as the last one of my face. The second one was more of a test, the third one was done in colour and very large so I could play around with it more and is obviously more thought out than any of the others, and well the last is just me playing about in paint with the hand scan.

I think I could do some interesting scans with the hands - like piggy jokes and so on. This could become very interesting who knows I may even end up publishing a book "year of scans" or something.

Apart from scanning, my life hasn't been very prolific recently but it has been satisfactory. I ended up drinking at Jen's 24 Birthday in her new flat (which is lovely) in Tooting, and I did deeply regret it, but I don't want to hold on to that regret for too long. I really need to go to AA so plan to go on Friday or Saturday or maybe even Sunday this week. 12 steps here I come.

Aaron and I were very up and down on the weekend but seem to be doing fine now. I think we need to spend some more time alone - we have been spending an awful lot of time together recently. The only thing I then worry about is that Aaron will spend all the money.

OK then so things I have achieved recently
  • Set up standing orders to pay of credit cards for Abbey and MBNA! YAY!
  • Cancelled Abbey direct debit.
  • I have been keeping on top of my washing a bit - but not my ironing.
  • Applied for the University - I got an interview for the degree! Which means my place is basically guaranteed!
  • I can't as of yet apply for funding until my place is confirmed, and it doesn't open until August 2009 anyway - but I have downloaded the forms.
  • My room has been rather tidy recently - yes - you can see the floor!
Right this leaves me with some more to achieve, not to mention that fact that I put 3 lbs back on last Monday of the 3.5 lbs that I lost! I haven't really done any exercise and I haven't really done much else on the list. I have some free time this afternoon and this evening I endeavour to:
  • Write letters claiming back money to banks/credit cards.
  • Chuck out/check old cables under the bed.
  • Do some washing and ironing this evening.
  • Get Richard to come round and look at my bike (I have already emailed him).
  • Plan two months of exercise/eating.
  • Carry on writing down my eating and exercise (from now on I will call this EEdiary).
Tomorrow (once my cheque has cleared also wooohooo) I will:
  • Pay mum owed money.
  • Buy a bike basket and mask for the fumes on the way to work.
  • Get some cuff links for my lovely new TM Lewin shirts that I managed to pick up for a bargain in the sale.
  • Go to morning exercise class (I must, I will, I must, I will!!)
  • Clean up "bits" in my room and give them permanent "homes". As my mother says "everything has it's place."
That seems to be enough to be getting on with for now!

I think I am going to up my HTP medication to 200mg and see what happens, I am feeling the affect now, but would like to not feel as on edge all the time and think this is due to the dosage.

Right then, that's all folks (I mean for now - obviously). x

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