Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I remember once, when I was small (probably around 5 or 6) my great grandma, god rest her soul and my grandma arguing about how you spell Wednesday, all because I asked. Turned out I can't remember who was right, but at least I now know how to spell it.

This evening I will be going to see the watchmen with Aaron, after we have gone for a Moroccan meal at the Kazbar on Venn St (same street as the cinema). I am hoping to have a nice relaxing, yet fun time, although not too sure what to expect from the film as I am not familiar with the comic book like Aaron is.

I think its high tide to write some more goals: (wow - I just looked at my last goals and I have hardly achieved any of them...!!)

I did:

  • Chuck out and sort cables/drawer under my bed.
  • Get Richard to look at my bike - although this needs looking at again (he made the saddle higher).
  • Paid Mum £150.
  • Planned exercise (but haven't done any...)
  • Been getting into work early/on time!
  • Did some ironing and have been keeping on top of washing.
I also upped my HTP 5 intake to 200 mg and it seems to be doing the trick. I am not feeling so low in the morning, and seem to be obsessing less.

New Goals:
  • Get back red light and basket for bike.
  • Attend Saturday class and rest of month as planned; make a decision as to whether I should pay for another term or not.
  • Ride my bike to work and back at least 3 times a week (good exercise)
  • Carry on writing down my food and exercise.
  • Clean up "bits" in my room.
  • Keep on top of washing and ironing...(maybe do all ironing on a Saturday morning so that I don't have to do it during the week.)
  • Plan a months food for lunch/dinner with Candida free food in mind.
  • Read the rest of current book The Diversity of Life by 5 April.
  • Have one day a week to have a bath/do nails/face mask - I think Mondays are best.
  • Get a hair cut.
  • Go and get waxed!!
  • Buy some "magic" underwear for under work clothes etc.
That seems to be enough to be getting on with for now - I think I will give myself until next Saturday 4 April to achieve them (apart from the book mind.)

I took a photo of what I ate for lunch today:

Yum, tasty goodness! I had homemade vegetable, lentil and chicken soup, spinach salad, half a red pepper and 3 ryvita (I only ate 1 though).

This Sunday I am going to do some volunteering, which I will update about shortly.


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