Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fools Day...!

Today is the beginning of a new England or at least a new financial structure altogether or at most a new political structure, which would benefit us - that is - if we could get enough people to take an interest in what their tax money is paying for. If you haven't already guessed it's the start of the G20 summit today, here is an article about what people want.

Which got me thinking yesterday, that there does seem to be a change coming about, rather similar to the radical 60's "free love" change that we have all read/learnt about in History. I hope it happens. There is so much that needs changing in the world.

I read this article today. It basically makes me think that the film Children of Men, does have a large possibility of becoming reality (and it's not the first time I have thought that) - I know that just because people aren't getting married it doesn't mean we won't have children, but, seriously, is it going to help or hinder a child who constantly only has one parent? Not all single parents are bad, but it does help to have the support of a partner there for your child, if not just for their psychological well being. Who knows, maybe things will change so much in the future that traditional parents how we know them today won't exist and I'll be sitting there saying "it wasn't like this in my day."

Another factor that makes me think this is possible is the lack of biodiversity in the world - or the notion that up to 150 species die everyday. Without the diversity of species eventually everything will die out, because without the very naturally planned eco system in place things will start to "spiral out of control..." Hows that for a cheery April Fools Day?

Last but not least this article completely supports my ethos that we should work three/four days a week and have four/three days off, why? Because this is life, we're not made to gallivant around producing money, surely we are meant to enjoy it to some extent, see our friends? Meet partners? Go out during the day on a weekday? If there was less greed in the world it would be possible to have cheaper, cost effective ways of living. People would have the time to sit, relax and think about themselves, not large corporations. Find innovative ways of growing new crops, saving water, finding ecological and human friendly ways of doing things.

An interesting fact you will be thrilled to know is that my parents got married on April fools day, yep, they did. In fact (apparently) many of their friends thought the invitation was a joke and did not turn up. Hmmm, I think I will look for a lovely wedding photo of my parents so I can post it up here soon (subject to availability).

So it's April Fools Day - the day my parents got married, marriage is on the decline and it's the start of the G20 summit - lets hope it's all for the better.

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