Thursday, 4 June 2009

I suppose its once a month then....

I haven't written for ages, so how about a quick overview for June?

I started making Bento boxes for Aaron and I for lunch, which are really cute sweet lunches to have, they are also extremely healthy and just overall mood enhancing.

My holiday to Thailand and Australia is booked! We are going for 3 weeks leaving on the night of my birthday(31st July). I am very excited, and plan to do my PADI open water, a 7 day detox, relax, relax and ermmm relax. There will also be lots of reading to do to prepare for my part time degree n Biodiversity and Conservation which I am studying at Birkbeck.

Not drinking has been going rather well, its been more like every-other weekend which is definitely better than once or twice a week!

Naomi has joined Fitness First with me and apart from an injured back last week I have been going pretty much 4 days a week, including twice a day for some of those days! Unfortunately I haven't lost any weight, but I still feel healthy with I suppose is the point. This week I am going to make a concerted effort to keep an eye on my food (including too much chocolate from the work fridge!!).

That's it for now, more updates as soon as - including some goals I think!

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