Sunday, 21 November 2010

True Crime

I've been having a good life recently...I got a new bike (YAY), I worked at the American School in London for 2 weeks, have made some stop motion movies with my friend Lauren, made a t-shirt, started making a stuffed bunny toy, (which, is going to be Sherlock Holmes inspired) and loads of other stuff...including a lot of socialising and playing squash.

This morning I'm having a lazy Sunday morning in bed with tea and tasty good all butter iced Madeira cake, looking at flights to Quito and then the bus journey that I would need to take back from Argentina to Quito to catch my return flight. I came across this interesting link on the Lonely Planet website which has helped me decide that, I think, it would be best to get the bus all the way down through the countries I want to visit and then back up - that way if I feel like I missed out on something I can always try and make it back there before I leave.

I've also been trying to set out a budget, and have come up with the below (excuse the messy layout!):

Ecuador 6 week(s) £672

Peru 5 week(s) £560

Bolivia 5 week(s) £525

Paraguay 2 week(s) £210

Argentina 2 week(s) £252

Chile 4 week(s) £588

Flight (average cost): £800

Backpackers Insurance (approx. cost for 24 weeks): £138

Estimate for budget: £3745

I need to take into consideration that the above doesn't include a trip to the Galapagos or the Inca Trail or any mountain treks and so on...BUT it's good because I nearly have 5 grand saved so I'm well on my way to having enough money for the trip.....which means I now have to book the flight!

My very rough plan would be this; go to Ecuador and do turtle or animal conservation whilst learning Spanish, if I can I'll try and fit in some orphanage work (although I could probably do this in other countries too) and then try and do some more conservation work/volunteering in Peru...and that's my plan so far!! I think this week I really need to read up/investigate on things I can do in the other countries that I want to visit.

Ultimately I would like to pick up enough experience whilst I am in SA that would help me get a conservation/environment job when I get back to London. My other choice would be to do a project management course before I leave the UK and try to manage some projects whilst in SA, so, when I get back I have a greater chance of doing project management.

I have always wanted to discover a new species and climb a mountain, so I suppose these are "must do" things for me in SA.

I really need to think about the exact type of life I would like to have; ultimately I would like to be making a change on a local and national level, doing my extra activity's that I enjoy doing; crafts, photography, making clothes etc and and then having enough spare time to socialise and read...I suppose I'm not asking for much? Hmmm, some extra thought needs to be put into this.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Things I am grateful for this week

  • Having work; earning money to put towards things I want to enrich my life with (no not clothes!)
  • Spending time with my mum and gran (who is 82 tomorrow!)
  • Having a good sleep every night.
  • Going running and doing some exercise this morning.
  • Being in contact with loved ones.
  • Having a lovely meal at Helen's last night.
  • Being able to listen to my inner self and try and work out my future/goals/feelings.
  • Sunshine.
  • Being alive, having running water and nice food.
  • Having a family and people in London who love me.
  • Making a plan to go to South America and finding some great projects to go to whilst I'm there.
  • Listening to some new Eastern European music that I like.
  • The amazing feeling I had on Monday night after work.
  • My hope.
  • Having a good recruitment agency.
  • I wrote my blog!
  • I signed up for singing lessons!
  • Writing my ultimate future plan.
  • Putting some more money away for travelling (£150).
  • Hearing from Hoss and knowing that he was OK.
  • Smiling, laughing, knowing that bad feelings will pass.
  • That I have sight, smell and sound in my life....
  • Knowing I can dance! :)

Be the change you want to see in the world

An interesting Gandhi quote. I am going to think about it; the changes that I would really like to see in the world:
  1. Less greed; for money, food and possessions.
  2. More love; for family; for friends; for strangers.
  3. Spirituality; I don't mean join a cult or religion, but for people to be better in tune with themselves, not just what the media or others think they should be like.
  4. Eating for the soul; no more junk food, eating good nutrition to help the body run better. Better resourcing of food; farms and food from your own country; growing your own. Eating little meat and fish so we do not ruin our resources.
  5. More time; to do things we love; cook, dance, sing, write, play music, work (if that's what you truly love) spending time with loved ones. What is the point of having money and spending it on crap we don't need and leave behind (which takes up valuable space in rubbish tips) when we die?
  6. Less fear.
  7. More compassion.
  8. Taking responsibility for our actions; trying to be honest with ourselves and others.
  9. More recycling (not throwing away clothes with minor faults, buying from charity shops, re-fashioning items, not having to update kitchens every year just to stay in fashion); less manufacturing.
  10. Less use of chemicals in our day to day lives; natural body wash, shampoo, deodorant etc.
  11. Better use of natural energy sources.
  12. More positive news stories.
  13. Less of everything revolving around money and more revolving around the above and living a fulfilling life.

The next question is how can I achieve the above?

  1. I am attempting the less greed point now; I am trying not to buy too many new clothes/possessions, and if I do they are either very cheap or from charity shops; I am going to fix my old winter coats and not buy an expensive new one. I am definitely less greedy for food than what I have been in the past.
  2. I am also trying this; I have given more time to my mum and also been working and planning to work volunteering for charities; I think I could improve on this more, so am going to have a think.
  3. Spirituality; again, I am trying, this isn't exactly a new thing for me, but I am sure it will be something I learn over a life time as opposed to over night, I think part of this whole exercise is good for my soul. I have been reading a book on Buddhism too.
  4. I have always wanted to grow my own veg, but have never got round to it; even though my mum does and I eat hers!! As I am going travelling next summer I can't really start planting food for when I won't be here, but its definitely up there for the future. As for not eating junk; I do try to practise and think I do rather well at this point! I decided last night that I am going to try and be a vegetarian most of the time (unless meat is specially cooked for me in which case I will eat it).
  5. I have signed up for a singing course (10 weeks, starts next Thursday) and am spending more time reading, finding music I like and writing this blog....that all counts I think! Also the volunteering counts :).
  6. Less fear; this is a hard one; another good quote from Gandhi; "There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever". Well I don't really believe in God, so although I do not fully agree with this quote, a lot of fear is just in your mind, positive thinking should help me with this one; or my mum's mantra; "there is no such thing as fear, I have no fear".
  7. ?
  8. Honesty; its very hard to be honest with yourself; but I am trying. Honesty with others; hard also, but this is not something I can learn overnight.
  9. I don't currently manufacture anything, but if I do I am hoping it will be environmentally friendly. As I already mentioned I get things from charity shops, am going to start fixing my clothes and hopefully I will re-fashion some too (this has been on my to do list for a long time!).
  10. I did start doing this one; but seeing as I am low on funds at the moment and saving to go away I bought my washing stuff from the pound shop, I think I will either try to find some stuff that is cheaper, or buy it in bulk, or try and make my own? Other options; stop washing.
  11. I should really get a bike, and think about finding a energy company that uses natural resources. Maybe I could look into getting a grant for my mums house for solar panels.
  12. Hmmmm......write my own news column?
  13. As all above, I am trying to do this; my hardest feat at the moment is getting used to solidarity which I am getting better at, but crave other peoples attention/cuddles a lot. Hopefully this will come in time and when my self esteem improves.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Late night coffee

I had another brilliant weekend just gone, I went for a sushi dinner and then to see a couple bands in Brixton on Friday night at the Crypt below St Matthews Church, Saturday I went and helped my friend Charlie with some dressmaking and then in the evening went to see Despicable Me in 3D (that rhymes) at Streatham Odeon; not the best ever film I have ever seen....but pretty mood enhancing and great in 3D...I give it 5 out of 5 stars, well written, has it's funny (and predictable) bits but all in all not a bad film.

After the film I went to a bar on Streatham High St that serves late night coffee and cake (it's also a wine bar)..I had chocolate fondant with chocolate ice cream, it was scrumptious and great to be able to go somewhere so late at night that catered for the non-drinker...although if I was with friends who were pissed I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it so much. Cat and I had a laugh...and the bar man was cute.

Sunday morning I went to meet a friend, Lucy in Kings Rd, drank coffee had a fun time and then went to lush and bought myself some face cream and a face mask (much to my dismay I got beautiful skin envy of someone I met that morning!), in the afternoon I got the bus to Putney (it was a great journey; sunshine, Buddhist book, photo taking, nice people I didn't know talking to me...) to see Cat, our friend Alice cooked a wonderful duck, beetroot and goats cheese salad for lunch and then we went round to another friends house to start making costumes for a party this coming Saturday....I'm going to be a Unicorn, other's were making fairy, sheep and elf costumes.

This week I am working on reception at for an investment company in Bank, and even though Bank is one station closer than where I worked last takes me longer to get here. I don't know how, don't ask, confuzzled is I. Plus points about this job are is it's a bit busier than the last reception covers I have been doing so I am not bored, the offices are amazingly beautiful and have great views, the people are very friendly, I get my lunch paid for (up to £10 value), the hours are longer so I'll get paid more at the end of the week!

I cooked a tasty dinner for my mum and Richard (new lodger at my mums house) last night; crispy garlic chicken thighs with roasted vegetables, asparagus, mashed potatoes and a yummy balsamic vinegar gravy.....YUM.

Tonight mum and I are taking my gran for a sushi dinner as it is her birthday coming up this weekend (I think she'll be 80 something?). From tomorrow night I am busy all up until Sunday night...when I plan to prep myself for a recruitment agency interview on Monday and fingers crossed a week of volunteering with the London Wildlife Trust.

Things I am grateful for over the past week; being able to go and see a really good band, I had a wicked time! Seeing my dear friends, whom I love. Spending some quality time with my mum and helping her to create her certificate. Reading the book on Buddhism and meditating every night so far. Having work. Not being ill. Getting my lunch paid for. Getting my to-do list done.

What I have achieved recently; putting more money for travelling next year into my savings account, finding temp work quickly after quitting my last job, quitting my last job and getting rid of the stress caused by it! Eating healthy, 7 weeks of no drinking alcohol, volunteering for the LWF.

Monday, 11 October 2010


I know I haven't been around for a while, but now I've come into a bit of spare time hopefully I'll be updating a lot more often. A quick overview of my life recently;

Aaron and I split up, I got paid to leave my job (my boss and I weren't getting on very well, plus I was starting to look for a new job), I moved out of the flat and back into my mums, taken up taking and editing photos (mostly of the natural world), volunteering at the London Wildlife Trust, and temping to keep myself going. Am I happy? Yes and no (I have up and down days like everyone), but I am definitely less stressed and have had time to really think about my life and try to bring joy into it.

This is my seventh week of not drinking alcohol, I feel good...and dare I say even a little proud. I had a great weekend, yes - without alcohol! Friday night I went to the Edinboro Castle in Camden for a friends birthday - they have great outside booths with heating, fairy lights and enough seats for about 12 people. Then onto Hootanannys in Brixton; I unfortunately turned up to late to see the band but had a great dance to reggae and ska, it put a great big smile on my face and I decided that I might go back there every Friday to have a uplifting dance.

Saturday we all went to a Colombian restaurant in Brixton market; it was fan-tas-tic! The meal we had was something like this (fingers crossed the link works) although the main ingredient in our meal was chicken as opposed to beef; all that food (soup and main chicken meal including plantain, rice, salad and potatoes which not even a grown man could finish) was £8.00!! And, they had my favourite; freshly squeezed passion fruit juice, about a pint and a half for £3.00!! I'll definitely be going back there. In the evening I went to another friends birthday, a pizza party at his home, I had a great time and met some new people. After the party I took a short detour to the Queens Head pub, on Stockwell Road, Brixton, there was amazing gypsy music playing so I had a coke and a wee dance before being whisked away in a taxi (I only slept for about 5 hours on Friday).

On Sunday I didn't get up to much, I cooked a roast dinner with the bestest roast potatoes ever! And started to look into some reggae/ska/dance hall music to download, but unfortunately couldn't find much; I tabbed some on YouTube and a friend will be sending me some via post. I also sent out an email to friends to try and set up some jamming sessions/a band as Callum and I decided on Friday night that we all listen to and love music so much that maybe we should do something more than just listen to it and get wasted; we could make it! I'm signing up for some singing lessons to start on Tuesday evenings.

I've also had time to sit down and work out my 5 year plan, my finances and do some reading about South America. My plan is as below:

  • Now - March/April 2011; save, save, save, research South America, learn Spanish, do singing lessons, do some jamming, look after myself, voluneer for the LWT.
  • March/April 2011; go travelling for 5 - 6 months in South America.
  • September 2011; start an access to higher education course (2 evenings a week for a year) whilst working and saving money/volunteering.
  • Summer 2012; go travelling in Asia/India.
  • September 2012; start International Development degree at Sussex Uni.

This means that it will be 2015 (and I will be 30!!!!) when this is all done; and maybe I'll change my mind along the way but I am pretty impressed and statisfied with my plan.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


A quick update of my life recently...I've signed up for some personal training sessions at the gym (10 to be exact) and have told the personal trainer that my main size goal is 10 and to be fit so I can run without feeling too out of breath..exciting, I am anticipating maybe trying to talk myself into giving up half way through.

I have also started keeping two diaries; one emotional and one food. They seem to be running smoothly for now...2 days so far!!

Other things I have been up to recently; went to a very cool boot-fair in Battersea (just down the road from my flat) and I got some cool 40's postcards with notes on the back, 3 of them to the same person with cool notes on and even better pictures, and also two butterfly badges which are translucent glitter; one pink and one clear, it was only 50 p to get in and there was lots of bargains to be had....definitely will go again.

The weather was beautiful this weekend, very very hot and sunny, everybody was out in London and happy, mainly with the smallest amount on clothes on, but big smiles. We went to Isabella Plantations in Richmond park after the fair and had a great time and a good walk, all the flowers where beautiful and I took some cool photos.

I have next week off work and have a few things planned; hopefully I won't give into getting pissed like I did last time I had time off and not do what I had planned. I will be applying for a job in my time off which is the best job I have ever found so far, hopefully I will get a interview after I have sent my cover letter and CV.

Work has been OK recently and I feel although I have been trying and nearly doing my best which has felt more for filling.

Hopefully will do some more updates next week when I have had some time off.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

No hope

As I sit here, I have a number of worries; what will I do when my boss moves (I'll have to get a new job, am I good enough for a new place, will any other company like me?); will I ever be able to be happy? What does my happiness boil down to? I can tell you it doesn't boil down to:

  • Having a well paid and busy job
  • Living in a nice flat
  • Being able to buy more or less whatever I desire
  • Living in London and having access to drink and drugs whenever required
  • Not achieving my goals
I seem to be moving in circles. I need some sort of manifestation....I need to know what I really want from life. I don't really care too much if I actually own a house any more as that seems so unrealistic no matter how much I may push my stress levels and myself up the career ladder, I don't care too much whether I have a degree or not, but it matters in my choice of career which would be something revolving around being organised; socialising; changing the world for he better (which includes getting more jobs back to the UK in the regions where work moral and general moral is low - we need to stop using overseas call centers and dare I say we need to start growing our own crops again over here - maybe global warming could be on our side with that one...?); working outside sometimes and inside others; caring less about money and more about friends, family and happiness.

What makes me happy; walking in forests and parks; laughing; doing exercise: cooking fresh tasty food; dancing; singing; making things; having good constructive or meaningful talks with loved ones; educating myself about things I care about (politics, chemical use in food and cosmetics, economics, the environment, ethical & frugal living; getting back to basics).

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Lovely lovely lush. My fun thing to do tonight; cleanse my face, put a blueberry face mask on, put a mask on my hair, a mask on my feet, relax, wash off, scrub and moisturise with the best moisturiser ever; relax; sleep the best sleep ever x

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How you knew people where rich when you were younger

Interesting subject, brings back happy and interesting memories for me.

Posh friends, who I used to visit in my childhood - two or three times a week after school I was carted to a school friends house and every Monday those 4 - 6 friends would come to my house and we would go swimming at Latchmere.

I always remember (and have since agreed with a friend, Helen) that posh people always had ribena, not cartons, bottles. They also had cherry tomatoes, oh yes - and nanny's. Although - I also had a nanny, but that was because both of my parents worked.

One nanny I remember in particular was very very strict, especially with table manners, which is where I must get my engraved hate (along with my father's) for people eating with their mouths open and lip smacking. There was no drinking your drink whilst eating (and not too much before either - as not to get too full on liquids), no elbows on tables, no fidgeting, no opening your mouth and showing the other 5 year old diners the contents, and also I think, no going to the loo during dinner (the killer for me).

They also had the very envious frog wellies, I think there may have been a girlie version too, but I always wanted the frog ones. Books also, books like tintin and the other one I can't remember based on two vikings along with Babar the elephant (and matching posters).

Maybe it was just the rich kids I knew, or maybe it was just the one house in particular that had these special things (that, by the way, I liked).

Asterix - that's the name of the viking book.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Mun day(ne)

Today, today, today is Monday, today, today, today is Monday.

I got my three dresses from M&S today, I like two of them, hate one, but think that when I try them on tomorrow I'll probably only like one.

This weekend was fun, I made Jamaican chicken curry for dinner on Friday, which even if I say so myself (and Sonia agreed) tasted authentic. I served that with coconut rice and a creamy dressed salad. Cat also joined us for dinner and then Deva and Lee came over after their shift ended early in the Falcon (they Dj).

We chilled around the house on Saturday, had takeaway pizza, napped, watch videos and such until Oisin came round with some Pimm's. Fun times where had, we looked at cute panda's and also this really cute scared bear. Ahhhh cute things.

Also just found, unicorn meat....hmmmm. Cute or puke?

Sunday, Aaron and I went to see Cat Thorogood at the Cat's Back and had a delicious roast dinner, it was a bright sunny walk there and back and it was lovely to see Cat. When we got home we ate some jelly belly beans from M&S and watched the rest of Rob Zombie's Halloween. It was good, although I think could have been better.

Things I NEED to do this week:

  • Make my CV work on my home computer (trying to change it from windows word to Mac word).
  • Sort out the massive pile of paperwork in the front room.
  • Put the folders and odd bits and ends in the cupboard.
  • Try and find out my login details for Abbey banking.
  • Bake a low fat cake (yum).
  • Hook up the printer to both computers.
  • Do something fun everyday!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Fry Day!!

It's Friday!!! Yay!

I had an extremely stressful day at work yesterday, I feel completely unappreciated at work, but apparently that happens to PA's all the time. So I just need to change my attitude. I'll need to think of a good positive thought to put in that thoughts place.

The gym was fun yesterday morning, I did 40 mins of cardio, squats and lunges with 10 kg weights and then about 100 sit-ups. My routine could be a little more organised, with preferably more weight exercises, but it was OK. Afterwork today I'm planning to go to spinning and then do arm and back weights.

I ordered some new smart office dresses from M&S yesterday - I just couldn't help myself, two of them where £9 each in the sale and one was £25 reduced from £45, they will be arriving on Saturday. Also, I ordered my "hobby" stuff from Amazon, I got a crochet for beginners set, a japanese animal crochet book, a pack of 20 different coloured embroidery thread and a plain white t-shirt (and all for under £25!). It should all arrive next week.

The white t-shirt and embroidery thread are so I can do a doodle on the t-shirt and then embroider it on, I think it will look cool. Although it may take a while and a couple of try's before it's perfect.

When I got back from work I made some cardboard chain bunnies, I will post photos after I download them tonight/this weekend. They're pretty cool and have possibilities, such as birthday cards, decoration, and if made from fabric possibly go on clothes or cushions. I like them.

I've just been thinking that snowflake chains and other shaped chains could make good christmas tree decorations. Even just normal link chains made from fabric, could be used for jewellery too.

For dinner yesterday I made vegetable curry, which had butternut squash, carrot, courgette, green beans, potato and chickpeas in, it was very tasty, I used a Jamaican jerk seasoning and some Indian balti paste for the curry taste and then just under half a can of low fat coconut milk and 2 cups chicken stock. It was tasty good, served with brown rice and a bit of hot sauce. I also started marinating chicken for this evenings dinner which will be chicken curry, but I plan to make a Jamaican curried chicken dish, so need to get some more ingredients.

Update soon x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Sounds like feltching, but it's not. I'm still not entirely sure what felting is, but sometimes it involves shrinking old wool jumpers by washing them at a high heat and then making cool little toys or in my case creatures from them. I investigated some felting books yesterday, along with Japanese craft books, such as Amigurumi which I will also be buying a book about....can't wait.

I've been looking into going to Scotland for a camping holiday this summer, getting a train up there costs about £100 and then some camping sites are as cheap as £4 pppn, which means if I went for a weeks holiday and take food into consideration it would be around £250 in all, not bad, not bad.

The sunshine is still golden, it's beautiful! Volcanic ash from the volcano eruption is now clearing, which means flights will start up again now, I wonder how long it will take for all the back log to clear?

Yesterday I noticed a lot of hot men. I blame the sunshine; I find it so amusing that although many of us are "working, business machines" as soon as the sun pops it's shiny head around the corner we all start feeling a bit frisky. It's fun watching everybody on the train after a hard day in the office.

Fitness first bags have also been making a regular occurrence into my eye-view this week - I assume everyone's joining the gym in hope of becoming fit for the summer. That means, that my local gym will be packed of people overusing the cardio machines. Yawn. I've got one of those bags.

A song that I really have become fond of recently: by XX.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Nearly May

Its a beautiful sunny morning, yay! My boss is currently "stuck" in Bermuda (I can think of worse places to be stuck) which means I have a slightly less hectic couple of days at work, things are looking up!

I am trying to get some hobbies to do in my spare time, I can't really decide which instrument to play - I really want to try drums, but think that when it came to the "one, two, three, four" part I'd probably sound so quiet they might think I was never going to start....or there's playing the guitar, I've got one so I could try and learn from home, but I'm not sure how well that would go either, but maybe if I learn both I could then start a one women band as I obviously plan to do singing lessons first.

I think what I'll do it, collect my guitar(s) from my mum's house, book one drumming lesson and one singing lesson and then decide...good plan, yes, good plan.

I think I'd like to some other hobbies I found this list which is helpful - and cheap. Overview of list:

  1. Playing Music
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Knitting and Crocheting
  5. Astronomy
  6. Photography
  7. Walking, Hiking and Running
  8. Painting and Drawing
  9. Meditation and Yoga
  10. Baking and Cooking
I am currently writing - hopefully I will update this blog more often. Oh! And I forgot to mention I have started writing an autobiography about my life, although I have been stumped because of dates etc - which I need to speak to my mum about. I think I'll go round to my mums on the weekend, get my guitar and also ask her some questions.

Reading - my friend Sarah recently lent me a book, which I have been reading, I shall take it to work today, so I can read it in Hyde Park during my lunch break and then on the way home, and maybe in the gym.

Talking about knitting, my friend Leon showed me an amazing knitting website the other day which was inspiring -, I could look at this and get some inspiration for knitting etc.

I signed up to do a Legal PA Diploma which started last Saturday, but my first class will be this coming Saturday from 2 - 6. Not bad, I've got 5 lessons like that, an exam and then 3 months to fit in two law modules of my choice, I think I will choose business law and criminal law, although I know it would be smarter to choose property law, but I think I would enjoy criminal law a bit more...I can always study extra modules later.

As my general goal is to work helping to save the environment; advising businesses and individuals about how to do so and the changing laws and legislations I thought getting some experience in law role/office would be beneficial.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

So far so


  1. Call Apple and sort out loan - ONCE AND FOR ALL - DONE!!!!
  2. Log in to Abbey banking to view statements etc.
  3. Re-order Oisin's trainers. - DONE!!!
  4. Call council and tell them we will make council tax payment next week - DONE!!!
  5. Put hoover away.
  6. Hang up washing and put new load on - DONE!!
  7. Tidy flat!
  8. Buy shampoo and conditioner - DONNEEE!!
  9. Fill in application forms for: new job, homeopath, and scan request form - ONE OF THESE ONE, ONE DUMPED AND THE OTHER WAITING....

I have next week of work! Yip yip yip! Woop, yip!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


To do..?

What not to do, should be the question...

To do

  1. Call Apple and sort out loan - ONCE AND FOR ALL
  2. Log in to Abbey banking to view statements etc.
  3. Re-order Oisin's trainers.
  4. Call council and tell them we will make council tax payment next week.
  5. Put hoover away.
  6. Hang up washing and put new load on.
  7. Tidy flat!
  8. Buy shampoo and conditioner.
  9. Fill in application forms for: new job, homeopath, and scan request form.
Maybe I'll fit sleep in.

Friday, 12 March 2010

The last 12 months

Quick fire list of what I have achieved in the last 12 months:

  • Moved out of my mums (HURRAH).
  • Been promoted at work (WOOP).
  • Had a holiday to Thailand and Australia (DING DING).
  • Been Scuba Diving.
  • Not been drinking so much.
  • Got a Macbook Pro!
  • Been waking up earlier.
  • Got a bike and ride it to work.
  • I've matured, with more than just wrinkles.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Time Flies

Now it's time for a quick review of what has been going on here....

Valentines day, Richard and Sam came over and we cooked a delicious roast chicken will all the trimmings.

We went to London Aquarium in Southbank - it was packed full of kids, but I had an amazing time pressing my face so close to the glass I got snot on it. I touched a star fish, it was all hard, not at all what I had expected. All its little feelers were out, and they felt like little hard feelers, not like jelly, which was totally what I expected.

In the evening we went to Enak Enak, which serves Indonesian food, in Battersea. The restaurant is run and owned by Nancy Lam, the food was very good, but the service (although good) needs improving.

So now its 12 March and rather a lot has been going on, I've been diagnosed (three weeks ago) with Gallstones, which were originally causing my sleepless nights, which then turned into very painful sleepless nights, a night with fever and a doctors appointment, from where I was then sent to A&E for having a temperature of 37.8. To be completely honest, the Dr I saw wasn't very helpful, and dismissed any other options to surgery, and promised to send me a letter arranging a ultrasound so they could take a look at my gallstones.

Three weeks down the line, no letter received, I called St Georges NHS Trust to be told that no appointment had been made for me. How I just love Dr's and hospitals.

So the only thing I can do is sit tight (and of course harass the doctors for an appointment) eat extremely low fat foods to avoid pain, along with a general healthier diet - otherwise I face waking at 2 AM in the morning with severe stomach pains and retching.

Things could be a lot worse - so I am trying to look on the bright side. "Always look on the bright side of life, de boommm, de boom, de boom, de boom." Maybe I will be size 0 by the time I get an operation.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What I did do yesterday

Yesterday was the third day in a row I went to work with very little sleep, I was knackered. I was sleepy all day, until about 5 PM, when I started to chirp up.

I called Birkbeck Uni yesterday and located my missing payment. I also called the national grid, who said I do not have a MPRN, so my gas supplier will have to create one for me....however NPower said they couldn't just yet, and would call me back....who knows what will happen?

The class at Rosemary Conley was good, I did 45 minutes of very easy pilates and then had my weigh in....GOSH. All I can say is the scales at the gym where wrong, much to my dislike.

I now have started the 1200 kcal a day plan - this will last for 2 weeks and should kickstart weight loss. I am already sceptical. Time will tell.

My first goal for weight loss is one stone, within 4 weeks, which as it goes, is the average weight loss for people within their first four weeks of Rosemary Conley diet and exercise plan.

I also booked the holiday apartment in Italy - will be putting down a deposit next week after I have paid the rent and put some money into savings.

This evening I have the meeting with Pitman Training so I can brush up on my PA skills, Charlie is coming for dinner after that.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Wolf Man with Hoss and Paige - looks good.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tuesday Snoozeday

I wasn't feeling my best last night, had a terrible nights sleep, ended up going back to bed at 5 AM to wake up at 7.30 AM feeling like, well like I had a terrible nights sleep!

Pitman training called me this afternoon, I will be going to see them at 6.00 PM this coming Thursday to look at what components of a course I would like to take - that is part of the skills search off my list, I have uploaded a copy of my CV and a career skills test to google documents so I can have a look at them tonight - which will then give me some idea on Thursday.

I have contact an owner of a property at Lake Maggiore.

Hopefully they will let us know availability ASAP, I hope to stay from the 30 August for 10 - 13 nights.

There is more to add to my list:

  • Finish up fixing the credit contract with Apple.
  • Call Birkbeck Finance department to get refund.

I missed this blog - now I know how much I achieve everyday.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Snow Fun

The snow is no longer a beautiful enchanting white magical dust that covers London, leaving everything clean and white and my heart full of childhood glee. The snow is still magical, but best saved for when thinking of holidays to go see the Northern Lights or ride on a sleigh with Huskies. Otherwise it currently leaves me with thoughts of whether I will make it home/to work, if I might catch a cold, or the worst for me - get wet feet.

I have been doing some thinking today, and there are several things that I need to achieve by the end of this week:

  • Book a holiday home for summer (hopefully Lake Maggiore in Italy, via Paris by train).
  • Update/re-write my CV.
  • Look at updating business/office skills (after looking at what would be useful to add to my CV).
  • Join Rosemary Conley (going on Wednesday after work).
  • Get home contents insurance.
  • Get the MPRN (meter point reference number) for our gas supplier.
  • Hoover and mop flat, clean bathroom mirrors, organise storage cupboard and finish bedroom.
I wouldn't say the above is unachievable, but you never know what might happen over the course of a week.

Over and out.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

February contrary

This is my first blog in 6 months.....6 months!! Or possibly more, actually.

I'll start with a wee update; July 31st, was my 24th birthday, I went to work and flew to Bangkok overnight, then Aaron and I caught a flight to Koh Samui airport, was collected by the hotel staff (a very nice English man) put our luggage in our room, had a refreshing drink and then had Thai massages on the beach, bliss. The next afternoon we set out the Big Buddha Pier and got a large boat with at least 200 other travellers (it felt like we were all being deported, except you could buy ice creams whilst waiting) and set of for Koh Tao.

The boat journey was at a relaxing pace (I got sea sick), a cute older Thai lady gave us a free map of Koh Tao, we stopped at 2 other islands before getting to Koh Tao (we nearly got off at the wrong port). Asia Divers collected us from the port and took us to our accommodation, where we met our diving instructor (Haylie; blond, in 30's, fit).

Cat came and collected us that evening, we went for a VERY tasty Thai meal, and then onto several bars and drunk buckets. Least to say we were rather drunk by about midnight, and had to go home ready for our first pool session the next morning (8 AM). On the way back, we went to the 7/11 got some water and many other supplies that we "needed"; instant noodles (we didn't have a kettle in our room), a small loaf of brown bread (we didn't have utensils in our room), a small pink microphone which had sweets in (I didn't have the brains to work out how to get the sweets out, and I was singing to Cat on, whilst in the shop about having a threesome) and a pack of peanut cookies (most of which Aaron fed to his "pet" dog he found on the way back). Ahhh Thailand.

Needless to say, after about 10 minutes of lying down after consuming as many cookies as possible and a lovely hot dog (also purchased in 7/11) I got up and threw up, I called to Aaron for some help/water/sympathy and I got a "fuck off" and then he joined me in the bathroom (which, luckily was covered in tiles) we then went to bed.

Upon awaking I administered us both re-hydration tablets and berocca. We then proceeded to the pool where the rest of our group were waiting. Aaron felt sick and cold, we survived, in fact I think I enjoyed it. At lunchtime, we had a break.

Panic set in. We couldn't find our passports or money pouch. Lost, stolen, no where to be found. We checked the room twice, text Cat, asked if maybe she had in her sobriety taken them off us. Nope. Went back to the Lotus bar (where we had last been drinking buckets the night before) and asked them, nope, not there. Aaron cried. I called various places and looked on the internet to get advice. We would have to go back to Bangkok and pay to get new passports printed, it would take at least 10 days, and use up most of our holiday spending money.

We had to report the passports lost to the local police, the station was in the middle of the jungle, very small, dissimilar to the local police stations we are used to in the UK. The police were slightly sympathetic, but 3 other people with British passports had already logged their passports as stolen from the same bar, from the night before. We were obviously targeted.

Solemnly walking back through the forest to the beach and then to our hotel, we had 800 baht on us so had some lunch (our first meal of the day). We spoke to Haylie, who was shocked, one of our other team members had had this done to him when he was travelling last time. We decided we didn't want to do the afternoon session for the diving, started watching TV in our room, in bed, with the curtains drawn.

I thought I should charge my phone for the next day - we would need it. The drawer I had put my nokia charger in was broken, slightly wonky and I had to push it in and pull it back out to get it to open. And there, right at the back of the drawer was the pouch, the pouch with our money and passports.

At first we couldn't believe it, of course we were overjoyed. Life was sweet again.

Drinking in Thailand was no longer an option for us, it was too risky, from then on we carried all our important documents in a hidden pocket in Aaron's bag, which never went out of our sight.

We had 3 days left at Koh Tao, we had our first dive the next afternoon, it was amazing. Of course I was petrified whilst going down, I panicked and signalled to Haylie that I wanted to go to the surface, she wouldn't let me, she held my arm and told me to breath in slowly and breath out. About 2 minutes later I was ready to go down. Diving is amazing, I recommend the experience to everyone, being underwater is peaceful and astoundingly beautiful.

I must add, now, that Koh Tao is probably not the best place to go diving (for lack of underwater life, due, sadly to over fishing and too many tourists) BUT it is the cheapest, Aaron and I paid around £320 to both do a padi diving course over 4 days, with included accommodation. And of course the main reason for going to Koh see Cat.

Our next stop was Koh Phangan, we went to small resort called The Sanctuary - a spa resort, with mainly vegetarian food, a private beach, it was wonderful. About 3 coves up from the infamous beach on Koh Phangan where the full moon party takes place.

I booked a private beach hut, which was set back (about 10 minutes from the beach) in lush forest. Our first night at The Sanctuary was also the night of the full moon party, which I didn't end up getting to.

Whilst at the sanctuary, I did a 5 day detox, which meant no food, having pshyillium husk and bentonite clay shakes, lots of green tablets and once a day coffee colonics. I can't say it was the best experience I had, but I also can't deny my slight excitement for getting to check through my colonic outcome everyday. It was enlightening, and I felt AMAZING afterwards.