Monday, 8 February 2010

Snow Fun

The snow is no longer a beautiful enchanting white magical dust that covers London, leaving everything clean and white and my heart full of childhood glee. The snow is still magical, but best saved for when thinking of holidays to go see the Northern Lights or ride on a sleigh with Huskies. Otherwise it currently leaves me with thoughts of whether I will make it home/to work, if I might catch a cold, or the worst for me - get wet feet.

I have been doing some thinking today, and there are several things that I need to achieve by the end of this week:

  • Book a holiday home for summer (hopefully Lake Maggiore in Italy, via Paris by train).
  • Update/re-write my CV.
  • Look at updating business/office skills (after looking at what would be useful to add to my CV).
  • Join Rosemary Conley (going on Wednesday after work).
  • Get home contents insurance.
  • Get the MPRN (meter point reference number) for our gas supplier.
  • Hoover and mop flat, clean bathroom mirrors, organise storage cupboard and finish bedroom.
I wouldn't say the above is unachievable, but you never know what might happen over the course of a week.

Over and out.

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