Thursday, 11 February 2010

What I did do yesterday

Yesterday was the third day in a row I went to work with very little sleep, I was knackered. I was sleepy all day, until about 5 PM, when I started to chirp up.

I called Birkbeck Uni yesterday and located my missing payment. I also called the national grid, who said I do not have a MPRN, so my gas supplier will have to create one for me....however NPower said they couldn't just yet, and would call me back....who knows what will happen?

The class at Rosemary Conley was good, I did 45 minutes of very easy pilates and then had my weigh in....GOSH. All I can say is the scales at the gym where wrong, much to my dislike.

I now have started the 1200 kcal a day plan - this will last for 2 weeks and should kickstart weight loss. I am already sceptical. Time will tell.

My first goal for weight loss is one stone, within 4 weeks, which as it goes, is the average weight loss for people within their first four weeks of Rosemary Conley diet and exercise plan.

I also booked the holiday apartment in Italy - will be putting down a deposit next week after I have paid the rent and put some money into savings.

This evening I have the meeting with Pitman Training so I can brush up on my PA skills, Charlie is coming for dinner after that.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Wolf Man with Hoss and Paige - looks good.


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