Thursday, 25 March 2010

So far so


  1. Call Apple and sort out loan - ONCE AND FOR ALL - DONE!!!!
  2. Log in to Abbey banking to view statements etc.
  3. Re-order Oisin's trainers. - DONE!!!
  4. Call council and tell them we will make council tax payment next week - DONE!!!
  5. Put hoover away.
  6. Hang up washing and put new load on - DONE!!
  7. Tidy flat!
  8. Buy shampoo and conditioner - DONNEEE!!
  9. Fill in application forms for: new job, homeopath, and scan request form - ONE OF THESE ONE, ONE DUMPED AND THE OTHER WAITING....

I have next week of work! Yip yip yip! Woop, yip!

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