Thursday, 29 April 2010


Lovely lovely lush. My fun thing to do tonight; cleanse my face, put a blueberry face mask on, put a mask on my hair, a mask on my feet, relax, wash off, scrub and moisturise with the best moisturiser ever; relax; sleep the best sleep ever x

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How you knew people where rich when you were younger

Interesting subject, brings back happy and interesting memories for me.

Posh friends, who I used to visit in my childhood - two or three times a week after school I was carted to a school friends house and every Monday those 4 - 6 friends would come to my house and we would go swimming at Latchmere.

I always remember (and have since agreed with a friend, Helen) that posh people always had ribena, not cartons, bottles. They also had cherry tomatoes, oh yes - and nanny's. Although - I also had a nanny, but that was because both of my parents worked.

One nanny I remember in particular was very very strict, especially with table manners, which is where I must get my engraved hate (along with my father's) for people eating with their mouths open and lip smacking. There was no drinking your drink whilst eating (and not too much before either - as not to get too full on liquids), no elbows on tables, no fidgeting, no opening your mouth and showing the other 5 year old diners the contents, and also I think, no going to the loo during dinner (the killer for me).

They also had the very envious frog wellies, I think there may have been a girlie version too, but I always wanted the frog ones. Books also, books like tintin and the other one I can't remember based on two vikings along with Babar the elephant (and matching posters).

Maybe it was just the rich kids I knew, or maybe it was just the one house in particular that had these special things (that, by the way, I liked).

Asterix - that's the name of the viking book.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Mun day(ne)

Today, today, today is Monday, today, today, today is Monday.

I got my three dresses from M&S today, I like two of them, hate one, but think that when I try them on tomorrow I'll probably only like one.

This weekend was fun, I made Jamaican chicken curry for dinner on Friday, which even if I say so myself (and Sonia agreed) tasted authentic. I served that with coconut rice and a creamy dressed salad. Cat also joined us for dinner and then Deva and Lee came over after their shift ended early in the Falcon (they Dj).

We chilled around the house on Saturday, had takeaway pizza, napped, watch videos and such until Oisin came round with some Pimm's. Fun times where had, we looked at cute panda's and also this really cute scared bear. Ahhhh cute things.

Also just found, unicorn meat....hmmmm. Cute or puke?

Sunday, Aaron and I went to see Cat Thorogood at the Cat's Back and had a delicious roast dinner, it was a bright sunny walk there and back and it was lovely to see Cat. When we got home we ate some jelly belly beans from M&S and watched the rest of Rob Zombie's Halloween. It was good, although I think could have been better.

Things I NEED to do this week:

  • Make my CV work on my home computer (trying to change it from windows word to Mac word).
  • Sort out the massive pile of paperwork in the front room.
  • Put the folders and odd bits and ends in the cupboard.
  • Try and find out my login details for Abbey banking.
  • Bake a low fat cake (yum).
  • Hook up the printer to both computers.
  • Do something fun everyday!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Fry Day!!

It's Friday!!! Yay!

I had an extremely stressful day at work yesterday, I feel completely unappreciated at work, but apparently that happens to PA's all the time. So I just need to change my attitude. I'll need to think of a good positive thought to put in that thoughts place.

The gym was fun yesterday morning, I did 40 mins of cardio, squats and lunges with 10 kg weights and then about 100 sit-ups. My routine could be a little more organised, with preferably more weight exercises, but it was OK. Afterwork today I'm planning to go to spinning and then do arm and back weights.

I ordered some new smart office dresses from M&S yesterday - I just couldn't help myself, two of them where £9 each in the sale and one was £25 reduced from £45, they will be arriving on Saturday. Also, I ordered my "hobby" stuff from Amazon, I got a crochet for beginners set, a japanese animal crochet book, a pack of 20 different coloured embroidery thread and a plain white t-shirt (and all for under £25!). It should all arrive next week.

The white t-shirt and embroidery thread are so I can do a doodle on the t-shirt and then embroider it on, I think it will look cool. Although it may take a while and a couple of try's before it's perfect.

When I got back from work I made some cardboard chain bunnies, I will post photos after I download them tonight/this weekend. They're pretty cool and have possibilities, such as birthday cards, decoration, and if made from fabric possibly go on clothes or cushions. I like them.

I've just been thinking that snowflake chains and other shaped chains could make good christmas tree decorations. Even just normal link chains made from fabric, could be used for jewellery too.

For dinner yesterday I made vegetable curry, which had butternut squash, carrot, courgette, green beans, potato and chickpeas in, it was very tasty, I used a Jamaican jerk seasoning and some Indian balti paste for the curry taste and then just under half a can of low fat coconut milk and 2 cups chicken stock. It was tasty good, served with brown rice and a bit of hot sauce. I also started marinating chicken for this evenings dinner which will be chicken curry, but I plan to make a Jamaican curried chicken dish, so need to get some more ingredients.

Update soon x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Sounds like feltching, but it's not. I'm still not entirely sure what felting is, but sometimes it involves shrinking old wool jumpers by washing them at a high heat and then making cool little toys or in my case creatures from them. I investigated some felting books yesterday, along with Japanese craft books, such as Amigurumi which I will also be buying a book about....can't wait.

I've been looking into going to Scotland for a camping holiday this summer, getting a train up there costs about £100 and then some camping sites are as cheap as £4 pppn, which means if I went for a weeks holiday and take food into consideration it would be around £250 in all, not bad, not bad.

The sunshine is still golden, it's beautiful! Volcanic ash from the volcano eruption is now clearing, which means flights will start up again now, I wonder how long it will take for all the back log to clear?

Yesterday I noticed a lot of hot men. I blame the sunshine; I find it so amusing that although many of us are "working, business machines" as soon as the sun pops it's shiny head around the corner we all start feeling a bit frisky. It's fun watching everybody on the train after a hard day in the office.

Fitness first bags have also been making a regular occurrence into my eye-view this week - I assume everyone's joining the gym in hope of becoming fit for the summer. That means, that my local gym will be packed of people overusing the cardio machines. Yawn. I've got one of those bags.

A song that I really have become fond of recently: by XX.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Nearly May

Its a beautiful sunny morning, yay! My boss is currently "stuck" in Bermuda (I can think of worse places to be stuck) which means I have a slightly less hectic couple of days at work, things are looking up!

I am trying to get some hobbies to do in my spare time, I can't really decide which instrument to play - I really want to try drums, but think that when it came to the "one, two, three, four" part I'd probably sound so quiet they might think I was never going to start....or there's playing the guitar, I've got one so I could try and learn from home, but I'm not sure how well that would go either, but maybe if I learn both I could then start a one women band as I obviously plan to do singing lessons first.

I think what I'll do it, collect my guitar(s) from my mum's house, book one drumming lesson and one singing lesson and then decide...good plan, yes, good plan.

I think I'd like to some other hobbies I found this list which is helpful - and cheap. Overview of list:

  1. Playing Music
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Knitting and Crocheting
  5. Astronomy
  6. Photography
  7. Walking, Hiking and Running
  8. Painting and Drawing
  9. Meditation and Yoga
  10. Baking and Cooking
I am currently writing - hopefully I will update this blog more often. Oh! And I forgot to mention I have started writing an autobiography about my life, although I have been stumped because of dates etc - which I need to speak to my mum about. I think I'll go round to my mums on the weekend, get my guitar and also ask her some questions.

Reading - my friend Sarah recently lent me a book, which I have been reading, I shall take it to work today, so I can read it in Hyde Park during my lunch break and then on the way home, and maybe in the gym.

Talking about knitting, my friend Leon showed me an amazing knitting website the other day which was inspiring -, I could look at this and get some inspiration for knitting etc.

I signed up to do a Legal PA Diploma which started last Saturday, but my first class will be this coming Saturday from 2 - 6. Not bad, I've got 5 lessons like that, an exam and then 3 months to fit in two law modules of my choice, I think I will choose business law and criminal law, although I know it would be smarter to choose property law, but I think I would enjoy criminal law a bit more...I can always study extra modules later.

As my general goal is to work helping to save the environment; advising businesses and individuals about how to do so and the changing laws and legislations I thought getting some experience in law role/office would be beneficial.