Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Sounds like feltching, but it's not. I'm still not entirely sure what felting is, but sometimes it involves shrinking old wool jumpers by washing them at a high heat and then making cool little toys or in my case creatures from them. I investigated some felting books yesterday, along with Japanese craft books, such as Amigurumi which I will also be buying a book about....can't wait.

I've been looking into going to Scotland for a camping holiday this summer, getting a train up there costs about £100 and then some camping sites are as cheap as £4 pppn, which means if I went for a weeks holiday and take food into consideration it would be around £250 in all, not bad, not bad.

The sunshine is still golden, it's beautiful! Volcanic ash from the volcano eruption is now clearing, which means flights will start up again now, I wonder how long it will take for all the back log to clear?

Yesterday I noticed a lot of hot men. I blame the sunshine; I find it so amusing that although many of us are "working, business machines" as soon as the sun pops it's shiny head around the corner we all start feeling a bit frisky. It's fun watching everybody on the train after a hard day in the office.

Fitness first bags have also been making a regular occurrence into my eye-view this week - I assume everyone's joining the gym in hope of becoming fit for the summer. That means, that my local gym will be packed of people overusing the cardio machines. Yawn. I've got one of those bags.

A song that I really have become fond of recently: by XX.



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