Friday, 23 April 2010

Fry Day!!

It's Friday!!! Yay!

I had an extremely stressful day at work yesterday, I feel completely unappreciated at work, but apparently that happens to PA's all the time. So I just need to change my attitude. I'll need to think of a good positive thought to put in that thoughts place.

The gym was fun yesterday morning, I did 40 mins of cardio, squats and lunges with 10 kg weights and then about 100 sit-ups. My routine could be a little more organised, with preferably more weight exercises, but it was OK. Afterwork today I'm planning to go to spinning and then do arm and back weights.

I ordered some new smart office dresses from M&S yesterday - I just couldn't help myself, two of them where £9 each in the sale and one was £25 reduced from £45, they will be arriving on Saturday. Also, I ordered my "hobby" stuff from Amazon, I got a crochet for beginners set, a japanese animal crochet book, a pack of 20 different coloured embroidery thread and a plain white t-shirt (and all for under £25!). It should all arrive next week.

The white t-shirt and embroidery thread are so I can do a doodle on the t-shirt and then embroider it on, I think it will look cool. Although it may take a while and a couple of try's before it's perfect.

When I got back from work I made some cardboard chain bunnies, I will post photos after I download them tonight/this weekend. They're pretty cool and have possibilities, such as birthday cards, decoration, and if made from fabric possibly go on clothes or cushions. I like them.

I've just been thinking that snowflake chains and other shaped chains could make good christmas tree decorations. Even just normal link chains made from fabric, could be used for jewellery too.

For dinner yesterday I made vegetable curry, which had butternut squash, carrot, courgette, green beans, potato and chickpeas in, it was very tasty, I used a Jamaican jerk seasoning and some Indian balti paste for the curry taste and then just under half a can of low fat coconut milk and 2 cups chicken stock. It was tasty good, served with brown rice and a bit of hot sauce. I also started marinating chicken for this evenings dinner which will be chicken curry, but I plan to make a Jamaican curried chicken dish, so need to get some more ingredients.

Update soon x

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