Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How you knew people where rich when you were younger

Interesting subject, brings back happy and interesting memories for me.

Posh friends, who I used to visit in my childhood - two or three times a week after school I was carted to a school friends house and every Monday those 4 - 6 friends would come to my house and we would go swimming at Latchmere.

I always remember (and have since agreed with a friend, Helen) that posh people always had ribena, not cartons, bottles. They also had cherry tomatoes, oh yes - and nanny's. Although - I also had a nanny, but that was because both of my parents worked.

One nanny I remember in particular was very very strict, especially with table manners, which is where I must get my engraved hate (along with my father's) for people eating with their mouths open and lip smacking. There was no drinking your drink whilst eating (and not too much before either - as not to get too full on liquids), no elbows on tables, no fidgeting, no opening your mouth and showing the other 5 year old diners the contents, and also I think, no going to the loo during dinner (the killer for me).

They also had the very envious frog wellies, I think there may have been a girlie version too, but I always wanted the frog ones. Books also, books like tintin and the other one I can't remember based on two vikings along with Babar the elephant (and matching posters).

Maybe it was just the rich kids I knew, or maybe it was just the one house in particular that had these special things (that, by the way, I liked).

Asterix - that's the name of the viking book.


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