Monday, 26 April 2010

Mun day(ne)

Today, today, today is Monday, today, today, today is Monday.

I got my three dresses from M&S today, I like two of them, hate one, but think that when I try them on tomorrow I'll probably only like one.

This weekend was fun, I made Jamaican chicken curry for dinner on Friday, which even if I say so myself (and Sonia agreed) tasted authentic. I served that with coconut rice and a creamy dressed salad. Cat also joined us for dinner and then Deva and Lee came over after their shift ended early in the Falcon (they Dj).

We chilled around the house on Saturday, had takeaway pizza, napped, watch videos and such until Oisin came round with some Pimm's. Fun times where had, we looked at cute panda's and also this really cute scared bear. Ahhhh cute things.

Also just found, unicorn meat....hmmmm. Cute or puke?

Sunday, Aaron and I went to see Cat Thorogood at the Cat's Back and had a delicious roast dinner, it was a bright sunny walk there and back and it was lovely to see Cat. When we got home we ate some jelly belly beans from M&S and watched the rest of Rob Zombie's Halloween. It was good, although I think could have been better.

Things I NEED to do this week:

  • Make my CV work on my home computer (trying to change it from windows word to Mac word).
  • Sort out the massive pile of paperwork in the front room.
  • Put the folders and odd bits and ends in the cupboard.
  • Try and find out my login details for Abbey banking.
  • Bake a low fat cake (yum).
  • Hook up the printer to both computers.
  • Do something fun everyday!!

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