Thursday, 20 May 2010

No hope

As I sit here, I have a number of worries; what will I do when my boss moves (I'll have to get a new job, am I good enough for a new place, will any other company like me?); will I ever be able to be happy? What does my happiness boil down to? I can tell you it doesn't boil down to:

  • Having a well paid and busy job
  • Living in a nice flat
  • Being able to buy more or less whatever I desire
  • Living in London and having access to drink and drugs whenever required
  • Not achieving my goals
I seem to be moving in circles. I need some sort of manifestation....I need to know what I really want from life. I don't really care too much if I actually own a house any more as that seems so unrealistic no matter how much I may push my stress levels and myself up the career ladder, I don't care too much whether I have a degree or not, but it matters in my choice of career which would be something revolving around being organised; socialising; changing the world for he better (which includes getting more jobs back to the UK in the regions where work moral and general moral is low - we need to stop using overseas call centers and dare I say we need to start growing our own crops again over here - maybe global warming could be on our side with that one...?); working outside sometimes and inside others; caring less about money and more about friends, family and happiness.

What makes me happy; walking in forests and parks; laughing; doing exercise: cooking fresh tasty food; dancing; singing; making things; having good constructive or meaningful talks with loved ones; educating myself about things I care about (politics, chemical use in food and cosmetics, economics, the environment, ethical & frugal living; getting back to basics).

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