Monday, 11 October 2010


I know I haven't been around for a while, but now I've come into a bit of spare time hopefully I'll be updating a lot more often. A quick overview of my life recently;

Aaron and I split up, I got paid to leave my job (my boss and I weren't getting on very well, plus I was starting to look for a new job), I moved out of the flat and back into my mums, taken up taking and editing photos (mostly of the natural world), volunteering at the London Wildlife Trust, and temping to keep myself going. Am I happy? Yes and no (I have up and down days like everyone), but I am definitely less stressed and have had time to really think about my life and try to bring joy into it.

This is my seventh week of not drinking alcohol, I feel good...and dare I say even a little proud. I had a great weekend, yes - without alcohol! Friday night I went to the Edinboro Castle in Camden for a friends birthday - they have great outside booths with heating, fairy lights and enough seats for about 12 people. Then onto Hootanannys in Brixton; I unfortunately turned up to late to see the band but had a great dance to reggae and ska, it put a great big smile on my face and I decided that I might go back there every Friday to have a uplifting dance.

Saturday we all went to a Colombian restaurant in Brixton market; it was fan-tas-tic! The meal we had was something like this (fingers crossed the link works) although the main ingredient in our meal was chicken as opposed to beef; all that food (soup and main chicken meal including plantain, rice, salad and potatoes which not even a grown man could finish) was £8.00!! And, they had my favourite; freshly squeezed passion fruit juice, about a pint and a half for £3.00!! I'll definitely be going back there. In the evening I went to another friends birthday, a pizza party at his home, I had a great time and met some new people. After the party I took a short detour to the Queens Head pub, on Stockwell Road, Brixton, there was amazing gypsy music playing so I had a coke and a wee dance before being whisked away in a taxi (I only slept for about 5 hours on Friday).

On Sunday I didn't get up to much, I cooked a roast dinner with the bestest roast potatoes ever! And started to look into some reggae/ska/dance hall music to download, but unfortunately couldn't find much; I tabbed some on YouTube and a friend will be sending me some via post. I also sent out an email to friends to try and set up some jamming sessions/a band as Callum and I decided on Friday night that we all listen to and love music so much that maybe we should do something more than just listen to it and get wasted; we could make it! I'm signing up for some singing lessons to start on Tuesday evenings.

I've also had time to sit down and work out my 5 year plan, my finances and do some reading about South America. My plan is as below:

  • Now - March/April 2011; save, save, save, research South America, learn Spanish, do singing lessons, do some jamming, look after myself, voluneer for the LWT.
  • March/April 2011; go travelling for 5 - 6 months in South America.
  • September 2011; start an access to higher education course (2 evenings a week for a year) whilst working and saving money/volunteering.
  • Summer 2012; go travelling in Asia/India.
  • September 2012; start International Development degree at Sussex Uni.

This means that it will be 2015 (and I will be 30!!!!) when this is all done; and maybe I'll change my mind along the way but I am pretty impressed and statisfied with my plan.

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