Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Late night coffee

I had another brilliant weekend just gone, I went for a sushi dinner and then to see a couple bands in Brixton on Friday night at the Crypt below St Matthews Church, Saturday I went and helped my friend Charlie with some dressmaking and then in the evening went to see Despicable Me in 3D (that rhymes) at Streatham Odeon; not the best ever film I have ever seen....but pretty mood enhancing and great in 3D...I give it 5 out of 5 stars, well written, has it's funny (and predictable) bits but all in all not a bad film.

After the film I went to a bar on Streatham High St that serves late night coffee and cake (it's also a wine bar)..I had chocolate fondant with chocolate ice cream, it was scrumptious and great to be able to go somewhere so late at night that catered for the non-drinker...although if I was with friends who were pissed I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it so much. Cat and I had a laugh...and the bar man was cute.

Sunday morning I went to meet a friend, Lucy in Kings Rd, drank coffee had a fun time and then went to lush and bought myself some face cream and a face mask (much to my dismay I got beautiful skin envy of someone I met that morning!), in the afternoon I got the bus to Putney (it was a great journey; sunshine, Buddhist book, photo taking, nice people I didn't know talking to me...) to see Cat, our friend Alice cooked a wonderful duck, beetroot and goats cheese salad for lunch and then we went round to another friends house to start making costumes for a party this coming Saturday....I'm going to be a Unicorn, other's were making fairy, sheep and elf costumes.

This week I am working on reception at for an investment company in Bank, and even though Bank is one station closer than where I worked last takes me longer to get here. I don't know how, don't ask, confuzzled is I. Plus points about this job are is it's a bit busier than the last reception covers I have been doing so I am not bored, the offices are amazingly beautiful and have great views, the people are very friendly, I get my lunch paid for (up to £10 value), the hours are longer so I'll get paid more at the end of the week!

I cooked a tasty dinner for my mum and Richard (new lodger at my mums house) last night; crispy garlic chicken thighs with roasted vegetables, asparagus, mashed potatoes and a yummy balsamic vinegar gravy.....YUM.

Tonight mum and I are taking my gran for a sushi dinner as it is her birthday coming up this weekend (I think she'll be 80 something?). From tomorrow night I am busy all up until Sunday night...when I plan to prep myself for a recruitment agency interview on Monday and fingers crossed a week of volunteering with the London Wildlife Trust.

Things I am grateful for over the past week; being able to go and see a really good band, I had a wicked time! Seeing my dear friends, whom I love. Spending some quality time with my mum and helping her to create her certificate. Reading the book on Buddhism and meditating every night so far. Having work. Not being ill. Getting my lunch paid for. Getting my to-do list done.

What I have achieved recently; putting more money for travelling next year into my savings account, finding temp work quickly after quitting my last job, quitting my last job and getting rid of the stress caused by it! Eating healthy, 7 weeks of no drinking alcohol, volunteering for the LWF.

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