Sunday, 21 November 2010

True Crime

I've been having a good life recently...I got a new bike (YAY), I worked at the American School in London for 2 weeks, have made some stop motion movies with my friend Lauren, made a t-shirt, started making a stuffed bunny toy, (which, is going to be Sherlock Holmes inspired) and loads of other stuff...including a lot of socialising and playing squash.

This morning I'm having a lazy Sunday morning in bed with tea and tasty good all butter iced Madeira cake, looking at flights to Quito and then the bus journey that I would need to take back from Argentina to Quito to catch my return flight. I came across this interesting link on the Lonely Planet website which has helped me decide that, I think, it would be best to get the bus all the way down through the countries I want to visit and then back up - that way if I feel like I missed out on something I can always try and make it back there before I leave.

I've also been trying to set out a budget, and have come up with the below (excuse the messy layout!):

Ecuador 6 week(s) £672

Peru 5 week(s) £560

Bolivia 5 week(s) £525

Paraguay 2 week(s) £210

Argentina 2 week(s) £252

Chile 4 week(s) £588

Flight (average cost): £800

Backpackers Insurance (approx. cost for 24 weeks): £138

Estimate for budget: £3745

I need to take into consideration that the above doesn't include a trip to the Galapagos or the Inca Trail or any mountain treks and so on...BUT it's good because I nearly have 5 grand saved so I'm well on my way to having enough money for the trip.....which means I now have to book the flight!

My very rough plan would be this; go to Ecuador and do turtle or animal conservation whilst learning Spanish, if I can I'll try and fit in some orphanage work (although I could probably do this in other countries too) and then try and do some more conservation work/volunteering in Peru...and that's my plan so far!! I think this week I really need to read up/investigate on things I can do in the other countries that I want to visit.

Ultimately I would like to pick up enough experience whilst I am in SA that would help me get a conservation/environment job when I get back to London. My other choice would be to do a project management course before I leave the UK and try to manage some projects whilst in SA, so, when I get back I have a greater chance of doing project management.

I have always wanted to discover a new species and climb a mountain, so I suppose these are "must do" things for me in SA.

I really need to think about the exact type of life I would like to have; ultimately I would like to be making a change on a local and national level, doing my extra activity's that I enjoy doing; crafts, photography, making clothes etc and and then having enough spare time to socialise and read...I suppose I'm not asking for much? Hmmm, some extra thought needs to be put into this.

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