Thursday, 27 January 2011

27 January 2011

Well well well, erm, time for an update I suppose.

Not much has changed with my South America plans yet; I met two girls on a travel forum who I will hopefully be meeting up with whilst I am over there, probably in Ecuador and Peru and possibly to go horse riding in Chile..whoop!

I am now a proud member of couchsurfers via which you meet people all over the world who have a spare couch/bedroom/somewhere for you to sleep (and possibly two of you) for a night or two or sometimes a week...I have already met a Colombian girl of a similar age with similar interests to me who I will be visiting when I go to Colombia, I really hope this will help to improve my Spanish and to also get an authentic feel of a country, and a plus point is to save a little money as staying at peoples houses will be cheap(er)....and maybe I'll be able to learn some traditional dishes to cook when I get back!

Other updates on my trip are that I am now considering going to Cuba....someone I met recently suggested how good it would be to see a socialist country whilst it still exists and I heartily agree. This is something that needs researching!!

I relapsed with my drinking over New Year, I didn't have a lot, lot, lot of drinks or any bad consequences, apart from immense guilt on my own behalf, and having to start my four months of not drinking all over again! So, so far I am on 27 days of not drinking. In AA terms I am not sober, as I am still rather crazy in the head and do have strong urges to drink sometimes. I have a new sponsor who is lovely and guiding me through the process nicely.

During the month of January I haven't been up to much, as I am still a little bit ill from flu I had the first week of Jan, I am not the only one to be knocked by this...lots of people have been ill for ages after having this flu, which included vomiting and a bad tummy at the end! Urghh!!

I've been doing a little more planning and organising for South America; learning Spanish with Michel Thomas cd's. Ordering stuff like spare batteries and extra memory cards for my camera online, getting insect repellent with deet in, etc etc.

Charlie and I went to to see 127 hours; it was OK...I'd give it 6 out of 10 stars as it was predictable and cheesy at times. I also went to see some bands at Hootenanny's in Brixton, which was fun!! The best band for me was Brassroots; who invited me to come dance on stage with them (for one song!!) it was fun and I'm glad I did it, as it really took me out of my comfort zone.

Now I created a little morning routine for myself, where I get up and make tea (surprise, surprise!) read my daily motivation books and emails, read my emails and maybe some of my usual reading book, open my post etc, tidy my room and then go out...I've also been trying to get to as many AA meetings as possible, usually one a day, although I didn't go to one yesterday.

This week I have opened all my old post that I was avoiding, written letters that needed to be written and organised all my paperwork!! It feels good to have it all out the way, and I think I'm going to ask my mum to keep my paperwork organised for me whilst I am away so I don't dread coming back to it!

That's it for now, I have a rather long to do list and am going to the baby cinema with Ceri this morning to see Black Swan, which should be interesting as I have heard varying opinions on it.

Over and out! xxx

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