Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Cool Things (not shiney)

I'm really happy, at this instant. Earlier today, I wasn't feeling to great, but then, I cycled home in the rain, and now, I feel good good good. To celebrate this feeling I want to post some music and short videos that I think would be nice to share:

Some cool videos:

That's it for now...have a good day xxx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

I watched recently, and some things I like.

I've been trying to watch good films recently, so I can learn more about writing and cinematography.

I've watched four good films this week, my favourite "Wristcutters: A Love Story" I liked the characters. It was set in a strange place (after-death world) and had a refreshing non-dramatic flow and convincing acting, no $4 million explosions or anything, although definitely not low budget. It also left me with a warm feeling.

My second favourite film, which very easily contends for first place too is "The Jacket" a gripping thriller....I don't think I can say too much about the film without giving it away, you should watch it and see for yourself.

"Taxi Driver" is obviously a classic film, but I got round to seeing for the first time in my life this week, who knew a psycho could be so sexy? Lol, no, seriously. A interesting story which works out differently to expected and I think portrays mental illness well.

Last but not least was "Silver Bullet" which is an okay watch, but not in my top 10, probably not my top 20 either, but, seeing as I love thrillers and Stephen King books I won't rule it out completely, it would also be a good film for people who like comedy horrors or low budget horror movies.

This is a really cool photo, and this (The Sugar Island) is a really cool blog.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back in Time

This is a photo of me and Esther on the first night we arrived in Gamboa (my 3rd night in Panama).

There isn't exactly a funny story behind this exact photo, but, when we (Callum, Esther and I) all arrived in Gamboa after a 40 minute bus journey from Panama City bus terminal. Address in hand, heavy backpacks on and shopping bags with dinner, after calling the landlord and getting directions, we started to walk up the hill towards the road where the flat I was renting was meant to be (in a very confusing small 30's built town, that reminded me of Eerie Indiana after closer inspection - when this photos was taken.)

Anyway, getting to the front of the beautiful canal style houses, all painted in pink, green and blue pastel colors, I certainly, and I think the others started to feel a bit uneasy. The house we where approaching looked although no one had lived in it for at least, say 20 years. Dropping our bags at the stairs, we climbed them to find rotting floorboards, cracked paint, crumbling wood and no sort of bed or cooker; needless to say I was feeling panicky by now and I think Callum asked me if I had already paid for the 3 week rental. Luckily I hadn't.

We decided to call the landlord Ian for a second time to get some clarification. Ian answered the phone and advised us that we must be at the wrong place (even though this clearly was the address we had been given), and maybe we could start again from the entrance to the town, to which I politely advised him, we where on foot with very heavy bags and did not have a car to drive back. At this point a small van of the local hotel drove past us and we decided to ask for some help, Ian spoke to the driver and we paid $5 to get to the house, which was, surprise, surprise just where we had got off the bus in the first place!

In retrospect, I don't think I should have asked Ian for directions 2 weeks later when I went on a expedition, but I did, and I got lost!