Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dream dream dream (written in Oct 2010)

I live in a warm Mediterranean type place or in the hills in Scotland, Wales or even close to London - as long as I am surrounded by green and people I love. I have a big wooden kitchen table (the kitchen also has a open fire) from which I serve my home made bread and always have a soup or stew on the go for the ever coming friends and new people entering and enriching my life, I have a partner (who reads, sometimes smokes, doesn't drink or take drugs too often, likes to do his own thing, can cook and does odd jobs around the house, who truly loves, respects and supports me, he loves the kids too and spends good time with them).

I own my business and work from home, having to go into town once or twice a week to meet with people (I also have my own office in the house) I do some part time writing on environmental issues and politics, I also volunteer with charities for children and the environment.

I meditate and do yoga often, and enjoy learning and reading. I also have jamming sessions with my friends sometimes outside, in the forest close to where I live and sometimes inside (the local pub/barn/my front room), we play sometimes too and have a good fan base. I see my family often who can come and stay or even live with me for short spouts of time when they feel to.

My feelings are mellow and I am always joyous, relaxed and positive, with time for myself lots of time and patience for others. The home I live in is mainly stone, but is insulated well with comfy carpets and a massive bathroom for the whole family to enjoy. We grow vegetables and keep farm animals outside (although we don't eat meat all that often...) and try to be self sufficient in all ways; we even have a natural swimming pool with fish and insects in!

During the summer months I do crafts like pottery and willow bending, picking mushrooms and take the children for long walks or bike rides. I also sew clothes with patience and knit winter clothes ready for the colder months, I am very satisfied with my life and comfortable with myself (both inside and out).

I get on very well with my mother and we spend lots of time together talking, eating and relaxing...she is very wise and I have lots to learn from her, we have healed our past hurts and spoken about it so much we have no problem with our past anymore.

I've traveled around the world; America; Africa; Asia and Europe; I have so many friends all over it is unbelievable, and all such lovely people! When I was younger I worked hard and saved money to do all this traveling and learning before I settled down; I did conservation work in the Amazon, National Parks and beaches of Latin America and also learned Spanish there, which I now speak and practice often, I can also speak French and German. Whilst traveling I learned a lot and picked up lots of skills for the work I do now...along with learning to be thrifty. When I got back from traveling I found a job that I really loved within nature and stuck to it whilst getting my was hard work and well worth it.

I don't drink alcohol.  I am at peace with the idea of death and understand it can take us at anytime, so I try to live each day as if it where my last; live in the moment, be joyous, do not quarrel with, envy or hate others, play music, dance, laugh and smile, live life lightly (I know things have to be done, but that is to make life run in harmony and be easier..)..make time to speak to those you care about and most of all know that happiness comes from a positive mind set, and you are the only person who can give yourself that!

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