Thursday, 28 July 2011


I got accepted onto an access to higher education course today at Chelsea and Kensington College, the course seems really good there and I managed to speak to one of the students from last year whilst I was waiting for my interview, who said the course was extremely interesting, but hard. I suppose that is the aspect I am most scared about; giving up because of thinking the course is to hard and then failing, and being fearful of failing and therefore not trying. Sounds ridiculous, but I think that is the way my brain works; I am trying to change this trail of thinking with positive thoughts and there is a homeopathic remedy that sounds promising.

One of the branches of Kensington and Chelsea College is in Ladbroke Grove, so I went through Portobello and a bit of Notting Hill on the way home; I had a lovely day, took some photos, bought some tea bags for hayfever (I can't wait to try one tomorrow morning) and a lovely shower gel from Lush. The sunshine was out, everyone seemed to be in a good mood - all in all a very nice day.

Last night I joined Stumbleupon and have been stumbling upon some cool things ever since; interesting talks about the future, how to make pop-up cards, cool photos and even the lion king film fully streamed!

This weekend is my birthday, there are two things that I would like to do, Vintage at Southbank the tickets seem a bit pricey, but I reckon it will be a fun day out; hopefully I will go there on Friday and then for Saturday I was thinking Hackney Wicked festival, its freeeeeeee!! That's an overall balance of expensive ticket verses free day out.

Sunday brings my birthday and my actual birthday party; I have planned a trip to Richmond Park with a picnic. I am looking forward to it and hope the weather holds out!

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