Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday 19 June

Thought for today from Worthy of Love by Karen Casey:

Unconditional love corresponds to one of the deepest longings, not only of the child, but of every human being.
--Erich Fromm

Feeling the need to be perfect to ensure we'll be loved is as familiar as the robin's whistle heralding spring. Am I too fat to be loved? Do people think I'm dumb when I speak out?  Mistakenly, we feel unique in our struggles with our fears of inadequacy, thus we fail to find comfort among friends and strangers who share our selected fears.

If we could understand our sameness with others, we'd be able to feel the gentle urging within to acknowledge their presence, their smiles, and their messages, which are assuredly meant for our ears only. Their desire, like our own, is for the promise of love.

Unconditional love wants expression; pass it around and watch it return tenfold.


Unconditional love is an interesting subject, and something I have been trying to practice for about a year; I recorded some positive thinking mantras for myself last year and one of them was:

"I love myself, my friends and my family unconditionally"

I can't say that I completely agree that I have that full feeling now, but I definitely have a feeling of better patience and acceptance for everyone I meet and what is more important to me; people I love, my friends and family.  I suppose the most important part is that I love myself much more and accept things about me that I didn't before such as my body, my mood swings (which now I know do pass) and I now even have the ability to not beat myself up so much about small "mistakes" I make!

If you would like some positive thinking mantras I found some free ones and some free meditations in itunes podcasts.  I don't have my ipod to check the names now, so I will try and post the exact links a bit later. Or you could make your own if you're feeling a bit creative or want to touch on particular feelings or subjects.

Stuff that I would like to get on with today:
  • Finishing touches to the leaflet for Embrace Cooperation's ramble in Knights Hill Wood tomorrow.
  • Go to the dentist.
  • Go to the gym/do some exercise.
  • Do some reading, I got some more cool books out of the library.
  • Eat better portion sizes and stick to weight watchers points. 
  • Apply for one job! 
Another one of my favourite photos for you:

This is a photo of a dead frog from when I volunteered at the Amphibian Rescue Project. You can also like them on facebook.

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