Thursday, 18 August 2011

Glue Gun

It's been a busy old time in London, we've had riots which I was obsessed with; constantly watching the news and searching for information on the web including videos.

I finally got a glue gun so hopefully at some point I will be able to make some felt flowers, got the felt too! And I also have managed to set up a home office to do work from, YAY!

Recently I have been feeling a bit unmotivated, but I think that's as it seems to be taking me a while to get anywhere, but I came to realise that's a good thing,  I still have college to start in September, I am volunteering for two charities (I will post some of the InDesign work I have been doing), socialising a lot, keeping my room tidy, taking and editing photos and somehow get the gym and reading in there too.  Not bad! Not to mention I have started weight watchers again and have to dramatically reduce my portion sizes - good and bad.

My plan was to spend more time on my blog, so I may try a mixture of new and old approach to blog writing, which would include posting my goals on here and also then updates of my general life and interesting links to music, crafts etc.

Here is my lastest favourite photo I took:

First goal:
From tomorrow write my daily motivation quote and things to do today/this week!

Fingers crossed x

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