Monday, 1 August 2011

Have a laugh

I'm 26 now, although I still got id'd on Saturday in a newsagents when I went to Hackney Wicked; a street festival set up by the Hackney community which I had a fantastic time at; toilets where easy to find, the music was generally good (I watched some fantastic beat boxing), looked at some cool thought provoking art and ate some OK food; to be honest I smelt a lot of good food, but mine in particular was a bit overpriced for what I got.  What touched me the most was the clearing up after the party; the volunteers where walking around with bin liners and handing them out for rubbish collection and pretty much all the of rubbish in the area I was in was gone; great effort!

A funny video I watched recently on youtube courtesy of Aaron:

Today I did some volunteering work for Embrace ; I am having fun in their office, researching and making a leaflet about Stag Beetles on InDesign.

Yesterday was my 26 birthday and to celebrate I went to Richmond Park I had a wonderful day with amazing weather...I was originally going to cycle up, and many of my friends did - here is a photo.

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