Thursday, 25 August 2011


Thought for today:

If you don't have any loyalty to what you are doing, you ought not be doing it.
-- Tom Harding

We understand loyalty to friends and family members, but does loyalty to an activity imply the same thing? To be loyal to an activity means to stick with it even when we hit the inherent snags. Let's consider a hobby for instance. Are we so frustrated when we can't track down a particular stamp or seem unable to complete the 5000 piece puzzle that we consider quitting the activity in disgust? If so, we probably lack the loyalty that Tom alludes to.

Each of us has to consider for ourselves whether or not we value this kind of loyalty when it comes to the "extra curriculars" in our lives. We're not failures if we decide to drop some hobby for another one. Sometimes we can't see that some interest doesn't fit us all that well until we get deep into it. What's more important is that we remain loyal to our values, whatever they are. When some activity loses its appeal, for any reason, and we continue to stay with it out of shame or embarrassment, we're not being loyal to that which is most important - ourselves.

Today, I'll ask myself if my hobbies suit my true interests.

from Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey


An interesting thought for today, as I have been obsessively getting up and writing my blog and to do list and doing origami for the last couple of days, I remember when I was a child, I would obsess about whatever painting I was doing or thing I was making to the extent that I was so excited when I went to sleep so I could get up the next day and be creative! 

I never thought I would be the same, but I seem to be feeling the same now - although I am starting to wonder how long my happiness and commitment will last for.

Hopefully it won't run out.

On the other hand, when I have started projects or courses in the past that I though I was interested in, but I gave up, it wasn't always because I lost interest, but because I was too stressed to be loyal. Now I tend to push on a little more!


Ok, so yesterday wasn't so successful in the terms of getting my whole to-do list done.  I didn't go to the gym, but I did bump into a friend with whom I had coffee, there I found out about grants I can get for studying international development and have been advised to get in touch with some friends of my friend - this is great news, if I can study and come out of the other end without debt, that would be great.

I finished the embrace leaflet:

Ideally I would like the leaflets to look a bit less amateur, but I suppose I am a beginner so I can't expect too much!

The library was a failure as I left my oyster card which had all of my library cards and money in my rucksack, which Aaron borrowed - the same thing has happened this morning.

My friend Esther is going to come round today and we are going to do some pattern cutting (she's an expert) and make some lentil soup, hopefully it will be a successful day as I have lost my patience and temper when trying to cut patterns before.

I edited and posted photos last night.

Great news!  I have been asked by the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation project to put together a video for them.

During the day I did the food shopping for the week, I spent £45 for two people and that's including breakfast, lunch and dinner for about 5 - 6 days.  And I also got organic wholemeal flour and plan to make some bread.  

Dinner last night was vegetable lasagna:

To do today:
  • Embrace work.
  • Look at videos sent to me by Angie, start thinking of ideas.
  • Pattern cutting.
  • Hoover house.
  • Tidy bedroom.
  • Gym.

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