Saturday, 20 August 2011


Thought of the day today: 

Today, I will affirm that it is my right to grow and change, even though someone I love may not be growing and changing alongside me.

From the Language of Letting Go.

Letting go can be hard, especially when old relationships, including friendships seem to stand still or end,  it can be heartbreaking but it takes time and even some mourning to let go of friendships and romantic relationships that need to be let go of.  It's easy to start wondering why or trying to put blame on where things went wrong, but I try to think that without letting go, we don't get space for the new, which is always exciting.  And who knows, sometimes if you let the old relationship go, you could get a better relationship with the same person further on down the line.


What I want to do today:
  • Read.
  • Tidy my room a bit (not much to do!).
  • Cook a quick healthy dinner.
  • Edit some parts of my blog.
I managed to get some of my tasks done yesterday; I went to the gym,  cycled to and from Kings Cross, went to the dentist, where I found out I haven't been for 7 years, but my teeth where fine! I'm going to get some stains removed in two weeks.  Also I ate better portion sizes, and feel good about that!

No reading, or apply for a job, but that's OK.  I will do some reading today and hopefully apply for 2 jobs on Monday to make up for yesterday - although I think I need research and write a cover letter first.

I finished the leaflet for Knights Hill Ramble: 


I designed it in Adobe inDesign, which I have used once before, I am happy with the outcome!

For dinner I am thinking of cooking something with lots of garlic, maybe a big salad and some wholewheat pasta with vegetables and something.

Well, have a good Saturday, here is a cool song to listen to by Bob Marley, the best line in this song for me is "Life is worth much more than gold", as I think life is worth more than money or materialistic possessions - as they say, you can't take these things with you once you die!

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