Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nice links and interactive art

It doesn't seem to be being updated any more, but I like this blog, they get a word and then do illustrations for it.

Some cool things to go to in the Barbican and Canary Wharf area! They are mostly FREE!!!

This is the place I volunteered with when I was in Panama, please "like" them on facebook, please.

Cool art to look at, I have put the link to the one I like as its interactive and I am interested in improving your life to doing what you really want to do before you die, although I think some of the things written on this board don't really come from the heart, but that is just my opinion.

More great art - this one is interactive via the internet.

Do you like making stuff as much as I do?  Then you will love this (I hope) a super cool solar lamp you can make yourself. My mum got some solar lamps from the poundshop in Wandsworth, just in case you want to make them!

Hope you enjoy the links!  I am going to Chapel Bank to do a habitat survey today, which I am very much looking forward to, even though it is raining, I am going with the London Wildlife Trust for their from Thorn to Orchid Project.

Last night I went for pizza on the common, I laughed a lot and really enjoyed it, today I am going to try and laugh more too!!

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