Monday, 22 August 2011


I had a wonderful day yesterday!  There was a whole load of pink and blue acetate left out on the street in Covent Garden, which I am going to try and make some origami out of today, I found a cool site where you can get free origami patterns.  I will film myself doing it and hopefully post the video up here.

Lucky me also managed to pick up a 70% off deal on a fabric screen printing kit for £40.00 - a bargain, I just hope I use it (tomorrow maybe)?

Unfortunately I didn't manage many other parts of my to do list as I was locked out when I came back from Soho! Uh oh!  My lovely friend Leon put up with us for 2 hours or so whilst we waited for my mum to come home; to my surprise she had made an apple and blackberry crumble so we didn't make an apple pie.

For dinner I reheated left over pasta from Saturday (home made spinach and garlic pesto) with crispy bacon, grated courgettes and baby tomatoes, it was very tasty, and healthy!

Today, I went to the dump with my mum to drop of garden rubbish and then to SpecSavers with Paige to help pick a new pair of glasses.

To do today:

  • Diary.
  • Emails.
  • Embrace leaflet for this weekend; research.
  • Healthy home made dinner.
  • Weeks plan for food and shopping.
  • Change bed.
  • Put wash in.
  • Tidy room.
  • Origami.
  • Read.
  • Write cover letter.
  • Apply for 2 jobs.

That's enough to be getting on with!  I managed to get some reduced free range pork tenderloin this afternoon for £1.80, so think I will make something like roasted pork tenderloin with sweet potato, apple and thyme salad...I've never cooked it before.

Another of my favourite photos taken in Christmas 2009 in Selfridges, London.

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