Wednesday, 24 August 2011

When folks have allotted themselves a task and work together in unison, they escape unhappiness.
--Emile Zola

from Night Light by Amy E Dean


Working in unison is exactly what I think the world needs to do to create simplicity, sustainability, end loneliness and promote green living. 

It seems although consumerism is designed to try and make humans work, buy, buy stuff to relax with, sleep and work again.  Then when we meet with friends, according to advertising we need to look our best and "are worth" buying new items to look "best". 

In my opinion if we could break free of extreme money making and spending to work together we could break the consumerism spell and make positive sustainable changes therefore creating a happier world (yes even without the HD 3D TV).

My to do list from yesterday is complete! I went to the gym, found out I lost 6.5 lbs/ 3 kg! Edited and posted a origami video.

And my acetate origami needs improving, here is a initial try:

I met with an old friend for dinner last night, in Balham, and then went to the Balham Bowls Club pub to do the pub quiz.  We didn't win and now I want to be able to revise and retain as much information before next week, so I can go and win, although if I am realistic, I don't think this will happen.

Recently I have been reading, crafting or blogging late into the night and waking up early, including this morning, so I am feeling a bit tired and I am not sure exactly what I want to achieve today, so I will make a not so sure list

To do today:

  • Meet Selena
  • Edit photos.
  • Charge camera batteries.
  • Make some more acetate origami.
  • Open up and look at the screen printing kit, maybe do a print or two.
  • Finish Embrace leaflet.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Go to the library.

Other things that need to go on my to do list for general future (in italic is added):

  • Research/idea map changing my blog to another server with a new design.
  • Read.
  • Make a dry mix for bread to use as a bread mix.
  • Apply for 3 more jobs (6 in total this week).
  • Acetate flowers using the felt flower tutorials.
  • Use fabric printer. 
  • Update my google reading; whittle down the information I am subscribed to and try to read on a regular basis. 
  • Have this weeks and next weeks leaflets ready for Embrace.
  • Attend the Embrace events.
  • Type up charitable/not for profit project ideas. 
  • Look at free photoshop and adobe CS3 tutorials.
  • Come up with short film ideas to do with Lauren.
  • Dig SLR camera out and learn about it.
  • Apply for photography course that runs one evening a week.

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