Friday, 9 September 2011

blah blah blah blah BLAH.

I woke up in a bad mood, now I am in a slightly better mood.

I argued as soon as I woke up and a text I got in response was "Be Fucking Happy." and then I got the thought of the day email:

Reflection for the Day

"It is the privilege of wisdom to listen," Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote. If I try as hard as I can to cultivate the art of listening - uncritically and without making premature judgments - chances are great that I'll progress more rapidly in my recovery. If I try as hard as I can to listen to the feelings and thoughts expressed - rather than to the "speaker" - I may be blessed with an unexpectedly helpful idea. The essential quality of good listening is humility. Does a holier-than-thou attitude sometimes close my mind to the shared suggestions of others?

Today I Will Remember

Hear the speech, not the speaker.

Sent to me by Hazeldon


My gut reaction was to call and carry on arguing, essentially about nothing.  Luckily they didn't answer the phone and I had a little bit of time to calm myself down and not react with my gut reaction but "watch" my thoughts.

I think the thought for today is pretty self explanatory, I have no reason to be unhappy, but just because I got the text message from someone I was arguing with I saw it as another reason to argue, instead of just listening to the meaning of the text (again without swearing..) just be happy.

So today I am going to be happy.


One of my favourite Beatles songs (because it is simple and has a simple meaning, but it also reminds me of my Dad).

I actually haven't found this song since my dad died, I have been searching, and now I found it! 

I love it! I'm sure my dad thought this song personified him (when he was going through bad stretches), but he could still see the funny side!

Enrolling yesterday was a complete flop, after waiting in a line to pay for nearly 2 hours, I had to leave, I will try again today. I am excited to start on Monday, and need to take some time today to decide which classes I will be going to.

We were out last night (and Aaron was working late) so I am going to eat the shepherds pie for lunch today with a great big tasty organic salad, yum.  Today I am going to make jerk chicken with organic chicken and brown rice and peas.

I have thought of a new name for the blog I want to set up on sustainable/slow/ethical living, which is Simply Living Slowly, as I listened to women's hour on radio four yesterday (link to yesterdays show here) which gave some interesting advice about choosing the right name for your business, which I applied to the blog; I want it to be understandable from the start and I think Simply Living Slowly with an under heading of something like; "trying to live a ethical, sustainable lifestyle in a fast world, step by step" should be suitable (obviously subject to better brainwaves and therefore change).

The class ceiling is also an interesting listen.

Ok so to do today (and yesterdays list crossed off):

  • Enrol in college.
  • Workout timetable I want to take. 
  • Think of project ideas to do with Hope and Lauren.
  • Make the frog video (or get a start on it).
  • Finish luggage project!
  • Continue pattern making with Esther.
  • Find out timetable for college (TODAY!).
  • Call mum to update on emails and calls. 
  • Get paperwork ready to take to college.
  • Change bed sheets.
  • Hang washing up.
  • Tidy kitchen.
  • Put washing upstairs from bedroom and do a quick tidy.
  • Floss teeth! 
  • Hang washing.
  • Put washing away.
  • Call library/log in online too!!
  • Go and buy chicken for dinner.
  • Get bike from Balham.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Maybe go to hot bikram yoga (my back is feeling weak).
  • Try and do next weeks food list?
  • Get items ebay items ready to send off.
  • Call All Saints to send back clothes.

OK, so right now I am going to tidy up the kitchen again and do the washing (hang it, put it away and put more in) whilst the shepherds pie heats up and I listen to the radio. Over and out. x 

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